What happens to your body when you stop consuming sugar?

Did you know that refined sugar is more addictive than cocaine? Scientific studies show that a lack of sugar in your body generates a kind of withdrawal syndrome, which can manifest itself in anxiety, fatigue, irritability and bad mood. In addition, sugar causes weight gain. Whether you're addicted or not, here's what you can expect if you cut out sugar from your diet.


1. Say farewell to excess pounds

You only start to lose weight once you cut out sugar from your diet. Sugar increases the secretion of insulin, a fat-storage hormone. By decreasing the consumption of sugar, the insulin level in the blood will also decrease and the storage of fat will be limited. High insulin levels increase the feeling of hunger, thus promoting weight gain.

In other words - by removing refined sugars from your diet, you can lose weight without any other changes to your diet.

2. More energy

Do you have trouble waking up even after a 10-hour sleep? The culprit is probably sugar, which is a source of energy, but also exhausts your organs if consumed too frequently. Eliminating sugar can boost your energy levels and improve your quality of sleep.

3. Beautiful skin

Eating too much sugar overloads the liver. Fatty liver has been linked to acne outbreaks, pimples, microcysts - especially on the lower part of the face. Excessive sugar consumption can also interfere with the production of elastin and collagen, the 2 main proteins that keep your skin elastic and fresh-looking.

4. Lower risk of chronic illness

Eating too much sugar can cause diabetes. By limiting your sugar intake, the risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases will considerably decrease. Recent research also shows that sugar in larger quantities can even cause cancer.

5. A more beautiful smile

When you consume sugar, you feed the bacteria in your mouth and the risk of cavities and other dental problems increases.

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