Slimmium subscriptions

We know that ordering products every month can be a hassle. Placing a new order every time, finding your credit card, filling out your delivery and payment details for the 100th time… We are all tired of it.  

We want your shopping experience with us to be easy and enjoyable – that’s why we’re now introducing subscription orders! Subscriptions to our recurring orders will make your shopping more convenient, allowing you to forget about the purchase process entirely and focus on getting that healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted.  

What are subscription orders?

Subscription orders are recurring orders that are automatically placed, invoiced and shipped to your address at regular intervals. After placing a subscription order, all that’s left for you to do is sit back, relax and wait for your orders to be delivered to your door.  

When the time for a reorder of your chosen items arrives, our system will automatically create an order for you, notify you of the order placement and ship your products to you. We will time the recurring orders perfectly so you never run out of stock and are not left with an excess number of products.  

Why would anyone want this? 

Two words – discounts and convenience. Being a Slimmium subscriber is cheaper than buying products from our regular offers – the subscription price of the product is always lower than its regular price, so it’s a real bargain. Also, subscribing to Slimmium products can make your life so much easier – you don’t even have to come back to the website to get our products.

Depending on which product you subscribe to, you can enjoy some of the following benefits:

  • Additional 15% discount on all products with a value above £15
  • Additional 10% discount on all products with a value below £15
  • Free delivery every time
  • A gift with every recurring order

Can I subscribe to any product I want?

Most of Slimmium products can be subscribed to and thus delivered to you periodically. The subscription option is very easy to recognise. Simply go to any product page and check the product checkout card – products that are available on subscription have a special discount which is only available if you subscribe to them.

Subscriptions might not be available during special promotional events, such as Black Friday, or for products that are not meant to be sold recurrently.

I ordered a special 3-month bundle when will I receive my next automatic order?

Don’t worry! All our subscriptions are personalised down to every last product. We check what you ordered and when your supply runs out, and we make sure that our warehouse sends your next package in time.

I am subscribed to multiple different products with different package sizes – how will I receive them?

If you are subscribed to multiple products with different package sizes and sending intervals, you will receive each one individually when your supply runs out.

I don’t want to commit for life what do I do if I decide to cancel the subscription?

That’s easy. Our subscriptions are not here to trap you into ordering things you don’t want or need. We just want to make your shopping more convenient. You can cancel your subscription at ANY TIME. That’s why cancelling a subscription is convenient as well – just do one of the following:  

  1. Open the subscription management centre section of your web store profile and cancel the subscription. 
  2. Click on the cancellation link in the notification that you get a few days before your subscription order is shipped. 
  3. Reach out to our customer support via email ( or start a chat with them through our chatbot, and they will cancel the subscription for you. 

How can I access my subscription management centre?

1. Log into your Slimmium store account (or create one if you don’t have one), navigate to “My subscriptions,” and select the subscription you would like to manage.

2. On the individual subscription management page, you can:

  1. increase the number of products you receive in your subscription,
  2. pause and reactivate your subscription,
  3. cancel your subscription,
  4. change the recurrence of your subscription if you wish to receive the product more or less frequently
  5. skip the next recurring order (all the following orders will be sent, and only one will be skipped),
  6. edit your delivery address,
  7. edit your invoicing address.

I’ll be away for a month can I pause my subscription? 

Yes! Simply log into your store profile and opt to either pause the subscription temporarily or skip your next subscription order – you can always set it back to a monthly recurrence.

In your profile, you will also be able to see the exact date of the next planned shipment for each of your subscriptions.

What if I’m not at home at the time of delivery?

Don’t worry; your package won’t just show up out of the blue. We will notify you a few days before your products are packed and shipped, providing all the information about your upcoming delivery, including the ordered products, cost of the order, discounts and gifts you will be receiving as part of your subscription.

Depending on the country and selected delivery type, you might also receive further information about the order from the courier.

Can I only pay with a credit card? 

No. In this respect, subscription orders are no different from the regular ones – we accept all payment methods.

Will my order always be delivered on time?

We reserve products for our subscribed customers and do our best to deliver every single subscription order. Sometimes, due to things outside our control, such as delays in the delivery of ingredients or technical delays in our production facilities, we might, however, run out of stock.

If that happens, you will be contacted by our customer support and given the option to either:

  1. temporarily be provided with a suitable replacement product that has similar ingredients and effects to the one you’re subscribed to, or
  2. wait for the product to get back in stock and have it delivered to you as soon as that happens.

I have a discount coupon; how does that affect my subscription order? 

If you apply a special discount coupon to your subscription, this coupon will only apply to the first order that you make – it will not apply to the recurring orders that follow. Coupons can only be applied to an order once.