Physical activity is very important not only for general health but also for losing weight or maintaining your figure.


We’ve prepared a short moderate-intensity workout routine. Just 20 minutes.

Grab an exercise mat, a timer, a towel, your water bottle and let’s go!

SECTION 1: Cardio training

1st exercise: Star with straightened legs and arms at your side. Hop and simultaneously raise the arms and spread the legs. Hop again to return to starting position.

2nd exercise: Start with a high jump with arms extended. Drop into plank position and hold it for 15 seconds.

image  image

Repeat the sequence for 4 minutes and then break for a sip of water.

SECTION 2: Abdominal muscles

1st exercise: Lie down on your back. Lift your legs and bend the knees at a 90-degree angle. Tighten your abs to decrease the space between your back and the floor. Put your hands behind your neck and in a synchronised way raise the left knee to the left elbow and vice versa.

2nd exercise: Remain lying down for the 2nd exercise. Keep your legs up, but straighten them. Reach with your extended hands towards your toes. Lift from the abdomen.

image  image

After completing this sequence take a 1-minute break.

SECTION 3: Cardio training

1st exercise: Tap your left leg with the fingers of your right hand and then switch. Jump in the air with arms and legs extended.

2nd exercise: Start with the feet together, legs straight and arms at your sides. With a hop, simultaneously raise your arms and spread the legs. With another jump return to starting position.

image  image

Take another short break.

SECTION 4: Arm muscles

1st exercise: Place your hands on the floor at shoulder level and keep your back straight. Push up with your hands at a 90-degree angle and then return to the initial position.

2nd exercise: Pull yourself up from the push-up position. Place the left forearm on the floor, followed by the right, so that you’re in a plank position. Do a sequence of push-ups.

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