2 sizes down, in a blink of an eye

55-year-old Ursula took a giant step! With the help of AdipoSlim XXL capsules, she managed to lose well over 1 stone, in just a month and a half! It did not go unnoticed...


"Whenever I looked at my friends I thought: if only I could wear tight clothes, too"

Although Ursula's husband likes her just the way she is, she didn't feel comfortable in her body and struggled to accept the extra pounds. "Being overweight is a constant burden. Looking at my friends who could get away with wearing t-shirts and tight clothes, I didn't feel well at all. I would catch myself wishing I could wear clothes like that, instead of just enjoying my time with them."

Ursula confesses she often felt jealous. "I lacked self-esteem and perhaps felt a pang of jealousy for the people who go to a store and buy whatever they like." 

"My biggest problem was my stomach"

Ursula explains that her biggest problem was her stomach size. Last year at her summer holiday, it was particularly painful. "When I came to my favourite seaside resort, everyone noticed, I was packing quite a few more pounds than the prevous year. You know how friends can be, they don't mean harm, but they crack jokes at your expense. That's when I promised myself: "I have to change something by next year!" 

"That feeling of feeling so bloated like you're going to explode - is gone"

Taking AdipoSlim** with XXL effect that reduces stomach fat by up to 50% brought excellent results: "I felt the purest joy when I was able to button my skirt - the same skirt I couldn't even get on before New Year's!"  

"I have more confidence than ever before!"

Ursula is over the moon because AdipoSlim XXL helped her take a key step.

When she talks about her story, you can notice her enthusiam and motivation. "I'd like to achive my new life goal, while wearing my favourite dress and radiating confidence. I know I can do it with the help of Adiposlim XXL**. I trust Slimmium, I trust myself, I trust in a better and healthier life."

If you feel confident in one area of your life, it's going to transfer to other areas as well. Ursula is is excited to reach for the stars, for now she has the energy and the tools to reach them: "I have set 2 goals for myself: to finish something I never managed to when I was younger, and to show up on my summer holidays looking fit."


*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website

**The customer used a previous edition of the product. Try the improved EXTREME version now!

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