How to make the most out of 20 minutes of exercise? Rebeka has the answer!

Rebecca is well aware of the importance of daily exercise. She admits she has a very tight schedule and finds it hard to find the time and motivation to get out and exercise. It’s especially demotivating to not see any results of her efforts. Since she’s super busy, she likes to take full advantage of every moment she manages to have to herself.


“This product helps me burn 5 times more calories during any workout”

“For everyone that is like me and want to make the most out of 20 minutes of working out and wishes to see real results faster, I have some good news. I’ve been using Slimmium products and following their tips & tricks for over a year. My favourite is the delicious mango drink BootBurnActive**. It helps me burn 5 times more calories during any workout, even if it’s just a quick walk.”

“Since I’ve been using it, I feel great!”

“I used to struggle with my energy levels, but BootBurn** gives me a much needed boost. I’m so proud of myself because I’ve finally gotten used to taking some time in the day to myself. Not enough, but definitely more than before. I have more energy and I feel more motivated! I get up earlier in the morning than I used to and whenever I can I hike up a nearby hill to enjoy some peace and quiet.”

“So regular physical activity and BootBurn** are to thank for the difference that I can see and feel in my body. I feel great!”

“Obviously, the first question is: how does it work? First of all, it tastes amazing. I wanted to really understand how it works - luckily, they were really helpful and explained everything. BootBurn Active** was developed specifically to help people like me - people eternally struggling with lack of time - so that we’d be able to get the most out of exercise. It boosts the body’s ability to burn fat, even after you stop exercising.”


“I’m really impressed!”

"BootBurn Active STRONG** contains a special patented active ingredient - Carnipure. It’s the amino-acid L-Carnitine, which makes our body more efficiently burn fat during exercise. When combined with the other ingredients in the drink, it also improves thermogenesis - generating heat in the body so that the body burns more fat by converting it into energy. This has an amazing effect on the body. It really impressed me.”

Walk for 20 minutes - burn fat as if you walked for a 100!

“Simply put, it amplifies the results of my morning walk. I burn 5 times more calories, have 5 times more energy and I burn more calories for 4 hours after exercising! I feel more fit and have more energy, which makes my walks even easier. It’s truly a great feeling."

"Now it’s your turn! Go out and exercise and give this product a chance, it’s definitely worth it.”

**The customer used a previous edition of this product. Try the improved FatBurn EXTREME now!