Dawn: “After a few days, my stomach was a lot flatter!”*

Dawn is a stay-at-home mum. While she’s never had severe weight issues, she’s suffered from what a lot us can probably identify with: a little bit of stubborn extra weight, especially in the stomach area.  


“I used to eat because I was bored” 

Dawn describes herself as having the average body type; not overweight, not thin either. But her weight issue was getting gradually worse, especially because her weight seemed to settle around her stomach and waist. “I’ve always been between sizes 16 and 18. I got fed up with people asking me if I was pregnant.” 

While not one to overeat, she admits to having her vices: “I used to eat because I was bored or if I was feeling down. I felt sluggish and lazy.” The weight was slowly piling on but never seemed to go away. 

Then came AquaSlim! 

Dawn was browsing Facebook when she came across a Slimmium ad forAquaSlim EXTREME. She found outAquaSlim EXTREME can give very quick results (within days!) so she was intrigued enough to give it a try: “From the advert and researching reviews I thought I’d give it a go and I wasn’t disappointed!” 

AquaSlim EXTREME works by flushing almost a third of excess water from your body and reducing swelling, puffiness and bloating, as well as alleviating cellulite.* It’s based on natural active ingredients like parsley, artichoke, Java tea and hibiscus as well as prickly pear based patented ingredient CactineaTM. 

Because it flushes out excess water as well as toxins, it helps out your liver – your biggest fat-burning organ – to finally kick-start your weight loss. And how did Dawn find it? 

“After a few days, my stomach was a lot flatter” 

Dawn told us that AquaSlim EXTREME was just the thing to give her a much-needed boost: 

“This was just what I needed to start shifting the pounds and keep on track with healthy eating. My waist is smaller and my STOMACH is a lot flatter. I’ve lost about 7 lbs (3 kilos) since going on Slimmium products. I’m starting to fit into a size 14 and all my old clothes are getting too big!* I love the way my body is looking. People tell me how amazing I look!” 

AquaSlim EXTREME is on sale! 

Now is your chance to join Dawn and thousands of other satisfied users all around Europe!

“These products kept me on track and kept me motivated. I will carry on taking them for sure! Definitely worth every penny.”

Get AquaSlim EXTREME now in a special bundle deal!

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website. Our products are not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease or serious illness. Maintaining a  balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is important.

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