In coffee paradise with Slimmiccino!

"When I opened a sachet of Slimmiccino for the 1st time it wasy crazy... It smelled so good, so tempting, sweet and pleasant!"

Take a look at what some of our satisfied customers said about their experience with Slimmiccino!


What did Andreja think

"As a coffee lover, my first experience with Slimmiccino left me speechless. I thought there would be no coffee flavour, no aroma, that it wouldn't be anything like coffee. But it turned out I was wrong - it's amazing.

I prefer to drink it hot,  but sometimes also like an iced coffee, especially during the summer. I'm always moving, I live a fast-paced life and the fact that Slimmiccino's preparation is so quick is super handy. It keeps me focused and energised. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it!"

What did Mojca think?

"I lacked energy. Even a good night's sleep didn't help me. I forgot what it was like to wake up well-rested and smiling.

Since I like to treat myself to a coffee with milk every morning, I was very excited to find an alternative in Slimmiccino. The aroma really is amazing and the flavour doesn't disappoint!

I feel physically and mentally more prepared for my daily obligations. Another big plus: the sachets are packaged individually. I can just chuck them in my purse and take them with me everywhere I go."

What did Tjaša think?

"When I opened a sachet of Slimmiccino for the 1st time it was crazy. It smelled so good, so tempting, sweet and pleasant! I like trying out different types of coffee, from different corners of the world, and I can say Slimmiccino's flavour is up there with the best of them. It's the perfect mixture of aromas.

I usually drink a cup of coffee in the morning and at least one more during the day. With Slimmiccino, I no longer need the second cup! I was already familiar with guarana, one of the main ingredients, and I think it's great. I feel like Slimmiccino doesn't weigh on my stomach as much as regular coffee does.

I feel great, focused and full of energy."

What makes Slimmiccino so special?

With just one sachet per day you will:

  • end binge eating and excessive hunger
  • avoid the formation of new fat
  • get a boost of energy, without the caffeine jitters
  • only consume 8 calories per cup & no sugar or artificial flavours