Alma: “I’ve lost weight and I’m not hungry all the time anymore!”

Alma is a young mum with very little time for herself. She gained a little bit of weight and knew she needed to do something about it. But she had no idea it was possible to get results this quickly.


“After I gave birth to my second child, my life turned upside down. Child-rearing, work obligations, chores… I simply didn’t have any time for myself, to make sure I was eating healthily, let alone time for working out. I kept gaining weight,” Alma tells us about the most stressful period in her life.

“I’d wear baggy clothes to hide my weight”

Alma admits that she lacked motivation too: “I felt really bad about myself. I’d wear baggy clothes to try and hide the weight I gained around my stomach, hips and glutes.”

“I’d often snack late at night”

Alma was unhappy with how she felt and lacked the motivation to make a real change. She fell into the vicious circle of emotional overeating and weight gain. “I often craved and ate unhealthy snacks late at night and all of this made me feel ashamed of my body. I desperately needed a change.

“I found just what I needed - NightBurn”

When Alma decided to change jobs after 10 years, she wanted to make another big change - she decided to try losing weight.

“I started cycling and drank more water. At the same time, I was researching what kind of products I could try to get results faster. I quickly learned that there’s a lot of products available! And how did I decide what was right for me? I researched and read reviews online and through that, I found a product which really seemed to help people - NightBurn.”

“I felt less tired, my metabolism improved”

Alma had a glass of NightBurn every night before bed. It wasn’t long before she noticed its effects. “I wake up feeling a lot more energised and I’m no longer chronically tired. Not only that, but my metabolism has also improved immensely.”

“I lost weight and my appetite decreased!”

Alma managed to achieve great results without a strict diet. She’s found her confidence again: “NightBurn has changed my life, I feel more confident and that affects all my relationships, at work and at home.”

How did NightBurn help Alma?

NightBurn is a delicious fat-burning drink that boosts night-time weight loss. It contains 8 active ingredients, which help burn more fat, decrease appetite, improve metabolism and help the body to regenerate. NightBurn is the perfect weight-loss booster, especially if you want to avoid a strict diet!

How does Alma rate it?

Alma is very happy with her results and has already recommended the product to her partner and her mother and they’re now happy NightBurn customers too! “I’d recommend it to everyone with similar problems. Especially young mothers! This drink has changed my life for the better and helps me escape the vicious circle of weight gain. NightBurn is now a part of my everyday routine!”

*[Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website. ]

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