How to stay motivated for an at-home workout?

You've been hearing about it everywhere… exercising at home is easy! But what if you are the type of person who needs others to get motivated? The fitness or gym environment is full of energy, people, and active vibes. How can you find that by yourself at home? 


If that holds true for you, we have some interesting tips today. You need to look at motivation from a different perspective. Usually, we think actions come from motivation. But we need to flip this concept. First, let's start by being active and the motivation will follow. How? 

Build positive habits

Everybody has a favourite thing to do in their spare time. Even the smallest habits, like drinking coffee in the morning, reading the newspaper on the balcony or watching the news on TV. The only thing you have to do is find your favourite activity and do your workout afterwards (or during). You need to turn both into one complex routine. 

This way you will start with what you like and then combine it with the workout you struggle with. Do not be too harsh on yourself from the beginning, every little bit counts. You want to get motivated, not burn yourself out. The basic rule is to do the action – your favourite activity – and then exercise. Motivation will grow from there and get stronger every day. 

Some tips: 

1. Find your favourite room

Do you like to spend time in the garage, working on something, or do you enjoy hanging out in the garden? Do you have a home office in your house where you like sitting at your computer? Or is your favourite spot your cosy living room? Go to that place or room and make a commitment: "After I finish my favourite activity, will do my workout here."

2. Listen to your favourite song

It has to be something energetic and uplifting, that will make you feel happy and excited. Start working out with your favourite song playing or commit to starting once it ends.

3. Snack on your favourite fruit 

Fruit is sweet and yummy - there is definitely one you like best (apples, bananas, kiwis, grapefruits, blueberries…) Make sure you have your favourite available to you and have it every time before or after your workout. 

4.  Use a fitness supplement

Sometimes, nothing can motivate you like an investment. If you purchase a fitness supplement, you'll be more motivated to get the most out of it. We recommend something that also tastes good, so you can treat yourself while also improving your results! That's a winning combination.

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