Why you need to kick your sugar habit ASAP

It’s a fact: we consume too much sugar. Aiming to reduce our intake should be a priority. Why? Because excess sugar has a serious negative impact on our wellbeing. It poses one of the greatest threats to our health, from obesity to cardio-vascular diseases. 


The blood-sugar rollercoaster

When you eat sugar you take your body on a rollercoaster ride

  1. First, your blood-sugar levels skyrocket
  2. This elevates your insulin levels (insulin is the hormone that enables sugar/glucose to enter the cell). 
  3. Insulin removes sugar from the blood, telling your cells to store it as fat.
  4. As a result, your blood sugar levels drop, making you tired and moody
  5. With your blood sugar levels low, you start craving sugar all over again! 

Addicted to sugar

Sugar is highly addictive and makes you feel good, so you often end up consuming a LOT of it, without even realising. This means you’re also eating a lot of excess calories, compromising your weight-loss journey.

Keep an eye on glycaemic index

To avoid overindulging in high-calorie food with low nutritional value, pay attention to the glycaemic index (GI). It tells you how quickly sugar from food is absorbed into your bloodstream. Foods with a high GI, like carbs, increase blood sugar levels, resulting in a quick jolt of energy. This sudden spike often leads to a sugar crash.

What you want are slow and steady energy boosts, something that the sweet treats, unfortunately, don’t provide. 

How to break the vicious cycle?

You need to balance your sugar levels. Eating complex carbs, mixed with fibre, such as fruit and veggies, whole grains and protein go a long way. Be sure to add moderate daily exercise to your routine, too.

Drink ample water, get plenty of sleep and add food supplements to your diet - the latter can help you stabilise your blood sugar even more. 

Which supplements to choose to curb the sugar cravings? 

Our tip: SugarOut caps! Containing cinnamon and white birch extracts, they are a natural and powerful way to stop carb and sugar cravings, helping you lose weight by balancing blood-sugar levels.

Since SugarOut stabilises your blood sugar level, it curbs sugar cravings. You’ll find that sticking to your diet is so much easier when you’re not constantly thinking about that chocolate cake! With just 1 capsule a day you can set yourself up for success and take a rain check on those sugar rollercoaster rides!