What's the fastest way to lose 10 pounds?

We don’t have a magic wand … but you do. The secret to efficient weight loss lies in your body’s systems working to their top potential.


The recipe for efficient and long-term weight loss has remained the same for ages and ages; eat less, exercise more. But how well is your body equipped to get rid of fat or keep up a good metabolic rate?


Let’s look at the first one. Did you know that when your body is overwhelmed by toxins, your liver starts encasing them in body fat as a self-defence mechanism? This happens when you’re not eating properly or when you’re under a lot of stress. Trying to lose weight while this process is going on will often be a futile task – the liver and the lymphatic system (your body’s drainage systems) need to be relieved first.

Metabolic Rate

Once you get rid of toxins, you can take a look at the second part of the equation: your metabolism. Your basal metabolic rate tells you how much energy you use just by existing – without doing anything else. Did you know that up to 80% of all the calories you eat go to maintain your basal metabolic rate (body temperature and processes)? Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were something that would help you increase it?

The Solution

Luckily, we have a perfect bundle to help you on your weight-loss journey: it's Slimmium Starter Bundle!

AquaSlim to help you get rid of toxins and give your liver a chance to break down your body fat.

FatBurn with L-carnitine to slightly raise your internal body temperature and help you burn up to 24% more fat while exercising – it’ll help you get results of the 100-minute exercise in just 20 minutes!

NightBurn is designed to reduce evening hunger and boost night-time metabolism.

AdipoSlim helps reduce belly fat and can increase calorie burning by stimulating brown fat tissue.

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