Is it possible to burn a lot of calories with a little exercise?

Have you decided to lose weight and reshape your body? Exercise is a great decision – more muscle mass burns more calories. But what often happens is, we have the will but we don’t have the time. In those situations, we could all use a shortcut – a short exercise with the same results as a long workout session. Such a shortcut does exist!


The shortest way to burn more fat during short workouts is an L-carnitine fat burner. This substance is like a truck driver that carries fats to special factories in the cells where energy is produced (mitochondria). Simply put, without carnitine, we wouldn’t be able to use fats as energy. 

5-times more weight lost during exercise

By giving our bodies more carnitine (our bodies produce it naturally) we stimulate the fat turning into energy. If you’re physically active, then your work will have even bigger results. As studies have shown, FatBurn EXTREME offers great results:

  • 16 % more fat burned during physical activity,
  • 5 times more weight loss,
  • Accelerated fat and calorie burning due to thermogenic effect,
  • Makes physical activity easier and helps us exercise longer and harder,
  • Ensures even short workout sessions bring the results of long sessions.

These amazing results are made possible by the optimal mix of ingredients that accelerate burning fat reserves: aside from the top-quality Swiss-made L-carnitine it also contains potent extracts of guarana, green and mate (yerba) teas, papain from papaya and vitamin B complex.

Is FatBurn EXTREME right for you?

If you agree with at least two of the statements below, we recommend this product: 

  •  You’ve decided to exercise and want to get the most benefits out of it (to lose excess fat and weight faster).
  • You want to avoid feeling hungry as wold after working out (this can lead to overeating, nullifying exercise effects).
  •  You’re looking for a natural product to boost your metabolism and fat burning.
  • You want to reshape your body.
  • You want more energy and strength for exercising.
  • You want to get the results of long workouts in a shorter time.

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