How to boost your immune system this winter

Wouldn’t it be nice if autumn lasted just a little bit longer this year? Sure, winter has its charms, but it is also the most difficult part of the year for our immune system and as such requires some preparation 


Boosting our health and immune system in every possible way is a must (even more so in the current COVID-19 situation!), but as it’s easier said than done, why not use this handy guide to arm yourself with the knowledge and products that will give you all the support you need in the coming months. 

1. Aim for a healthy, balanced diet 

Be mindful of your diet and add fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat milk and dairy, lean meats, fish, beans, eggs and nuts to your plate. Avoid added sugarssalt and unhealthy fats and be sure to stay within your calorie intake. It’s the basics we all know! 

2. Commit to a workout routine 

Get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity a week. This attainable goal will do wonders to your body and mind, so start today! Any physical activity is good activity: go for a long walk in nature if you can, make use of our free online gym or offer to walk your neighbour’s dog a few times a week. Choose to take the stairs, lift weights and spend less time on the couch.  

3. Get enough sleep

Your body and mind recover through sleep, so ensure you get about 7-8 hours of sound sleep every night to keep your brain in good shape. The way you feel while you're awake is in many ways a reflection of what happens while you’re sleeping.  

4. Take vitamin D for immunity 

Insufficient vitamin D intake is common and most likely you’re suffering from it too. If you feel tired, have aches in your bones and muscles, are feeling down and catch every possible cold, it would be a good idea to take vitamin D supplements. Sadly we don’t get enough of it through sunshine and food. If you haven’t added Slimmium Vitamin D3 to your diet, this is a good time to do it.  

5. Treat your body to a detox 

The liver is our first line of defence against toxins but can’t do its job if it’s overburdened. Do any of these sound familiar: weight gain, especially around the stomach, low energy after a meal, problems with digestion, skin and hair? We thought so.

Luckily, our powerful milk thistle extract contained in the Quick Detox capsules boasts high bioavailability (10-times higher compared to an ordinary milk thistle extract), meaning it’s more effective in protecting your cells against toxins.    

6. Help your body fight microbes better 

Our immune system uses 3 levels of defence: skin & mucus membranes, immune cells and acquired immunity based on antibodies. To support our body against invaders (a.k.a. illness-causing microbes), we need vitamin C, selenium and zinc. Combined in the Imuno Boost capsules, they help build a shield that protects our own cells, giving you 24/7 support that is even better thanks to 300% better availability of the patented vitamin C (Ester-C®). 

Get all three, Vitamin D, Imuno Boost and Quick Detox and take care of your immune system this winter! Don't miss these amazing offers!