Our body is a unique and brilliant creation. From the moment we wake up until we go to sleep, and even while sleeping, it’s regularly performing countless functions. They haven’t yet invented a computer that’s capable of processing so much data! To keep it healthy and well in motion, our body needs quality fuel and good maintenance as is the case for a car.


We often take for granted all the processes and functions that our body carries out: breathing, digestion, blood circulation, sweating, elimination of toxins, etc. because they are done automatically without us having to think about it. We only need to be bothered about these functions when something goes wrong. Our body stops functioning well if it’s not supplied with good fuel and good maintenance. This leads to a ‘strike’!

When the body fails to eliminate toxins:

It starts to create problems. The fact is that we live in a polluted environment where we’re subjected to harmful toxins all the time: polluted air, harmful chemicals in clothing and personal hygiene products, heavy metals, pesticides, insecticides, dyes, preservatives in food etc. The body has its own method of removing these toxins with the help of our vital organ: Liver. But Liver also has its own limits - and then it just stops functioning properly.

How do you know if your body needs a "revision"?

It is very difficult to avoid all the toxins around us. For those who eat unhealthy food such as processed foods, it becomes even more difficult. Not to mention the ones who smoke and consume alcohol. When the body does not work well, it is no longer able to absorb the essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals, and the like) from food.

The main symptoms of an overloading body of toxins are: chronic energy failure, feeling of heaviness, mood swings, problems with the digestive tract, skin problems, muscle and joint problems, weight gain etc.


How to help the body?

Using the metaphor of the car: you must provide good fuel (= eat in a healthy and balanced way), don’t let it rust in the garage (= do physical activity) and conduct regular reviews (= detox!).

Detox (Detoxification) is the first important step to eliminate the symptoms of a malfunctioning body. Only in this way will it start working properly. It will kick start weight loss allowing your dieting efforts and physical activity to show amazing results!

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