Astonish everyone on your wedding day – get ready in 1 month!

We’re guessing the nerves have you stress-eating, not sleeping well and taking your frustrations out on the poor florist. How could you possibly keep up a diet and exercise plan as well?


We’re here with a bullet-proof solution that will help you shed those pounds whilst giving you ample time to panic about something else. Here’s our 3-step plan that will zap away those pounds that are threatening to ruin your magical day!

Step 1 – the diet

First off - rest assured, we wouldn’t do anything as mean as put you on some sort of celery stick diet – no one wants a bridezilla on their hands. Just focus on your 2 main enemies: salt and carbs.

They’re the main culprits in fast weight gain and slow weight loss.

Did you know that 1 gram of salt causes you to retain 2 extra pounds of water? And did you know that 1 potato worth of carbs will cause you to retain just under half a pound of water?

What does that mean? Unless you want an unpleasant surprise on the morning of the big day, you need to limit these two. Use herbs and spices instead of salt and opt for lean protein and veg instead of carbs.

What if you need something failproof?

Sadly, sometimes our best efforts aren’t enough. You probably don’t want to gamble for something as important as your wedding day. Luckily, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve that will guarantee you look absolutely smashing!

Step 2 – the water weight

Have you had that nightmare where you wake up on your wedding day and realise you’ve retained 3 pounds of water overnight? Stress spikes your cortisol levels - cortisol makes your body retain water. You know those funny videos of brides not being able to fit the wedding ring on their finger? We don’t find them that funny either.

With WaterOut STRONG drink you can rest assured that won’t happen to you.

Check out Yolandi: she lost 15 pounds of excess water within weeks!

It’s a completely natural raspberry flavoured diuretic that leaves your mineral balance intact. With dandelion, parsley, prickly pear, sarsaparilla and red grape extracts it flushes out 27% of excess water, eliminates bloating and puffiness and ensures you’ll be at your absolute best come the magical day.

The best thing about it: it shows results immediately. It’s an absolute must on the morning on your wedding day (as well as the days leading up to it).

Step 3 – the fat

Now that you’ve got water under control, we can focus on fat. AdipoSlim capsules will boost your metabolism without making you jittery – quite a unique feature amongst fat burners. They contain completely natural extracts from green tea, red orange and capsaicin from chilli peppers. Numerous studies have shown these natural treasures help burn extra calories and fat. And the numbers?

Ursula lost 14 pounds in 6 weeks!

Research has shown they can reduce stomach fat up to 50%! Our users have lost up to 7.5 cm from their waist (hello hourglass figure) and 6 cm off their thighs. AdipoSlim caps are 10 times more effective and work faster than similar products on the market. Talk about a sure thing!

Rapid Cut bundle to the rescue!

To make sure people will remember you as the best-looking bride ever, go for Rapid Cut Bundle, which combines AdipoSlim STRONG and WaterOut STRONG to work in perfect synergy! 1 box of AdipoSlim STRONG capsules and 2 boxes of WaterOut STRONG make a 1-month bundle with only 1 goal: to get you in the best shape of your life, effortlessly.