Four women's Slimmium journeys

People from all over the world want to share her experience using Slimmium's Starter Bundle, which contains everything we need to lose weight and maintain healthy weight.


Lucie, Irma, Nikola and Daniela have decided to share their unique experiences with others. They each began their weight-loss journey with Slimmium products, a journey they will never forget. Keep reading to learn more!


Constantly fighting her weight took a toll on Lucie's self-confidence: “I didn’t like my body, I dreaded every glance at the mirror and my self-esteem was buried a foot underground. I used to wear baggy clothes to cover my body. I felt unattractive and was constantly feeling down.”


But Lucie found a way to get her weight under control. “My body has been boycotting my every effort to lose weight - until I came across Slimmium, which has helped me start and support weight loss without any diets.”

“I have lost 24* kilos so far! I’m starting to regain the confidence that was buried deep underneath.”


Irma describes her figure as 'pear-shaped'-

I used to be very thin, but with important milestones in my life – marriage and getting pregnant – my poor fitness and excess weight became real issues I had no energy to cope with. I just couldn’t get rid of the extra kilos!”


Luckily, Irma stumbled upon a Slimmium ad on Facebook and was convinced by the nice website to give a couple of products a try: "The site looked credible, with a big variety of products at affordable prices.”

I am much happier, more alert and have more energy than ever before. I sleep a lot better, don’t have late-night food cravings, and catch myself looking in the mirror a lot more!”

“My clothes fit nicely as my stomach is a lot flatter. My face has become slimmer too. I look a lot better and it feels wonderful! I’m not annoyed and nervous any more. Even when I occasionally treat myself, I can keep my weight in check.”

Irma lost a whopping 15 kilos* and is now completely satisfied with herself and with her life.


Nikola is a 22-year-old travel lover. However, the nature of her job means that she spends a lot of time sitting in front of a computer screen. A recent hiking trip to the Austrian mountains caused her to cry from exhaustion, and she knew she needed to change something in her life...


“My mother and I have a wonderful relationship. We are both very similar in appearance. We both have big thighs and a bit of extra belly fat. We both like to eat. I can eat everything that's put in front of me. I love sweets and fried food. For a long time, I'd indulge in my favourite food without thinking of the consequences.”

“With Slimmium's help, I lost a total of 7* kilos. Now I weigh around 53* kilos and I want to get even fitter, so I'll definitely keep using these products.”


Daniela is a busy mother of 3 beautiful children: “I've struggled with my weight for a couple of years, since my last pregnancy. With three young children at home, I no longer had the time for myself and when I had time to eat, I ate whatever was around.”


“I found Slimmium through Facebook and internet searches and decided to give it a chance. I started using the products a few months ago, and I really liked how simple they were to use. I also liked the natural ingredients.”

“I'm super happy with the results, I was losing up to 4* kilos per month, I lost 8* kilos in 2* months and after 3* months, I had lost a total of 13* kilos.”

30-day programme with 4 amazing products

Want to reach your weight-loss goals faster? The Slimmium Starter Bundle proves to be highly effective at just that – and our customers love these products!

  • WaterOut is a tasty beverage that provides quick results. It supports liver function and stimulates the lymphatic system, gently cleanses the body, reduces cellulite and speeds up metabolism. It helps to remove almost a third* of excess fluid from the body.
  • FatBurn is a revolutionary fat burner. It helps burn 24*% more fat! Contains Swiss-grade L-Carnitine.
  • NightBurn is a beverage that helps fight hunger attacks at night. It speeds up metabolism, improves fat burning, and also helps improve sleep!*
  • AdipoBurn capsules help dissolve stubborn belly fat and activate brown adipose tissue. Proven results: helps reduce waist circumference by 7.5* cm and hip circumference by 6* cm.

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website. Our products are not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease or serious illness. Maintaining a  balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is important.

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