How Alessandra regained her confidence

We are thrilled every time we receive a happy customer’s testimonial: your success equals ours! 

The latest fan of Slimmium’s products is Alessandra Maggiora, whose sedentary job in an office and limited recreation options during lockdowns has led to bloating and a few extra pounds. 


At work, Alessandra spends a lot of time sitting, however in her spare time she is quite active: “I usually do lots of sports (spinning classes, ballet, dancing) and enjoy hiking in nature.”

“The quarantine has resulted in a few extra pounds”

When asked how she would describe her body, Alessandra says: “I’m relatively slender but with a tendency to accumulate fat in the lower body. Lockdown led me to accumulate a few extra pounds, though!”

Those few extra pounds, unfortunately, have also started to affect Alessandra’s mood and confidence. 

Then came Slimmium!

Luckily, Alessandra came across Slimmium through ads on social media and what immediately caught her attention were the products’ natural ingredients. 

To speed up her weight-loss journey, Alessandra decided to give the strongest natural diuretic on the market, AquaSlim**, a try, and complemented it with NightBurn and Slimmiccino. 

AquaSlim**  has been Alessandra’s companion every day for the past couple of months. The natural ingredients in this product include CactiNea™, dandelion, artichoke, Java tea, red grape, cleavers, nettle and magnesium. 

She can’t quite imagine kickstarting her days without a cup of Slimmiccino - coffee with slimming superpowers and ending them with NightBurn – a night-time fat burner and appetite suppressant.

“I started noticing changes after just a few days.”

"I am not sure if the NightBurn helped to reduce the food cravings, but I can say for sure it works! My bowel movements are much more regular and easier in the mornings.”

And the most significant change Alessandra has noticed? “I have less bloating in legs.” AquaSlim** flushes up to 27%* of excess water out of your body, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that Alessandra is so excited about the results!

AquaSlim** really helped Alessandra fight the consequences of spending the majority of the day sitting.  

“I feel lighter and more confident!”

Slimmium has helped change Alessandra’s life: “They helped speed up the weight-loss process, combined healthy eating and exercise. I feel lighter and more confident about my body!” What more can anyone ask for?

Just like Alessandra, you too can say goodbye to excess weight, bloating and swelling and have your first results within days! AquaSlim** is now available for a limited-time offer:

*The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website. Our products are not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease or serious illness. Maintaining a  balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is important.

**AquaSlim is a version of WaterOut. The new WaterOut XXL is now available with strawberry flavour and added magnesium.