A turmeric latte that can help you lose weight

Turmeric, the so-called golden spice, has been celebrated for its several health benefits for thousands of years and nutritionists agree that your entire body is in for a treat when you add it to your nutrition.


Turmeric benefits

You may have used turmeric for spicing up your food, but its benefits go far beyond that: 

  • It can prevent the accumulation of fats, and it facilitates the elimination of fats from the liver
  • It can help maintain the health of the liver
  • It is used to improve digestion
  • It helps to support normal liver function
  • It contributes to the stimulation of the production of the digestive body fluids
  • It contributes to better fat digestion

What is important for you to realise is that all of the above play a significant role in weight loss. Studies confirm we should all reach for turmeric for the most effective weight loss journey. A holistic approach is key, as is adding regular exercise and a balanced diet to your lifestyle. 

Which turmeric to use?

Make a quick Google search, and you will see thousands of turmeric products on the market; you will even be spoilt for choice in your supermarket. 

A word of advice: don't be fooled by low-quality turmeric products! Namely, due to its poor natural absorption into the bloodstream, you only want to take supplements with certified high bioavailability

Even when it comes to turmeric lattes that we all love so much, you should keep an eye on the labels. MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) powder, chicory root and vitamin C are good ingredients in the mix. 

What makes CurcumaLatte Lean different?

In a sea of different turmeric lattes, CurcumaLatte Lean stands out first and foremost because it can jump-start your weight loss! Thanks to its high-quality supporting ingredients, it provides excellent slimming support – in addition to full-body support, such as immune function and liver detox.

But it has more tricks up its sleeve:  it has no strange taste, won’t stain your clothes or your favourite cup, and doesn’t smell like turmeric supplements typically smell. It has a yummy coconut aroma that will make you go mmmm....every time! Plus, it’s simple to make (just mix with water) and 100% vegan!

Most importantly, though, it contains turmeric in the form of patented CuroWhite™ - it’s 6.7 times more available to your body than standard curcumin extract – you know you’re getting your money’s worth! Try it today and save XX%!

**Sources: Sreeraj, G, Joby Jacob, Robin George and Sreeraj Tr. “A Unique Formulation of Hydrogenated Curcuminoids with Higher Bio-Availability and the Application in Food Matrices.” Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences 6 (2016): 1-4.

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