Regina: "I’m feeling lighter and my clothes fit well again."

Despite her busy schedule, working as a hairdresser, Regina finds the time to work out 6 days a week. Quite impressive, right? Curious what led Regina to embark on a healthier lifestyle journey and what helps her keep motivated and fit? 

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"I didn’t like my body. When I looked in the mirror, I knew exactly that something needed to change, but I was just being lazy. My lifestyle consisted of staying at home - that was it - and I just couldn’t make myself do anything about it."

Commitment is key!

About a year ago, Regina committed to a more active lifestyle. "Four years ago, I weighed 63 kilos and was out of shape, but I just couldn’t find the determination to do anything about it. Looking at Instagram and seeing all those beautiful girls… I simply wanted to be like them."

Her personal trainer recommended L-Carnitine Pure 1000

Thanks to her personal trainer, Regina found Slimmium products and decided to give L-Carnitine Pure 1000 a try, hoping it would help her burn more fat. And it did! She noticed the first changes after just a few days.*

Regina: "I’m happy!"

Regina is happy with the results; she feels like she has more energy and never feels tired: "My mood has improved too as I’m feeling lighter and clothes fit well again." Her digestion has improved too, "only occasionally I succumb to sweets, but otherwise, I have improved my nutrition too, so combined, I’m really feeling happy and healthy."

The great thing about L-Carnitine Pure 1000 is that a single vial contains 1000 mg of Carnipure® - premium quality L-Carnitine, which tricks your body into using its own fat reserves as fuel, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that Regina is impressed with the results. 

Regina: "I can’t wait to join the gym."

"I feel great and can’t wait to join the gym in September." Adding L-carnitine can help your fitness endeavours enormously as without L-carnitine we wouldn’t be able to burn fat and get energy out of it!

While our body can produce L-carnitine by itself, the production can be hindered by an imbalanced diet, suboptimal liver and kidney function, ketogenic diet and excess stress.

Get the best results with L-Carnitine Pure 1000!

L-Carnitine Pure 1000 contains the purest L-carnitine on the market has an extremely fast rate of absorption and comes in convenient vials, so no more excuses - you can take it with you everywhere!

*The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website. Our products are not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease or serious illness. Maintaining a  balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is important.

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