4 surprising ways probiotics impact your weight

You’ve probably already heard about all the benefits of taking probiotics for your gut health, but did you know that probiotic supplements could also be your secret weapon for shedding those extra kilos? 

4 ways probiotics can help you fit into your clothes again

That’s right, you can take probiotics for weight loss! Keep reading how they can help you fit into your favourite clothes again. 

Four surprising ways probiotics help you control your weight 

When you think about probiotics, you probably think about the supplements that ensure good digestion. And while that is their primary role, they can do so much more for your well-being and even help you lose weight. 

Here’s how: 

  1. They curb your appetite: with regular consumption, probiotics increase the release of appetite-reducing hormones. This means you can avoid unnecessary snacking and overeating, and better control your weight.  
  2. They reduce the absorption of dietary fat: probiotics improve fat metabolism and prevent the absorption of dietary fat in the gut. This results in your body eliminating that fat instead of storing it around your hips or your stomach.  
  3. They prevent fat storage: it has been shown that probiotics increase levels of fat-regulating proteins. These proteins affect the body’s ability to store the fat that is still absorbed from food. That means your body won’t accumulate fat in your problem areas, and it will be easier to maintain a healthy physique. 
  4. They boost slimming: several studies have shown a reduction of body mass and waist size in people who consumed probiotics. Adding beneficial bacteria to the diet for 3 weeks helped overweight participants lower their body fat percentage significantly.  

Now that you know how probiotics can help you achieve a leaner body, let’s talk about how you can include more of the beneficial bacteria into your diet. 

How to include more probiotics for weight loss into your diet

Kefir, sauerkraut, and kimchi are great natural sources of probiotics, but it can be challenging to add them to your weekly meal plan when you’re cooking for the whole family. Your kids might not be the biggest fans of the taste, and you probably don’t have the energy to make yourself separate meals. 

And while consuming probiotics from food sources is a good start, you won’t be getting enough beneficial bacteria to reach your weight loss goals. Plus, probiotics are super sensitive to the environment they’re in.  

Even if you only eat probiotic foods, the bacteria might not survive the journey to the gut, where they can help you shed the unwanted fat that’s been keeping you from wearing your favourite clothes. 

Luckily, there is a way to add the right amount of probiotics for weight loss into your diet without the extra work – with probiotic supplements. 

Shape your body with WaterAway Biotic

The probiotic supplement WaterAway Biotic contains ibSium®, a patented probiotic that provides a concentrated dose of beneficial bacteria guaranteed to reach your gut. This ensures you get a consistent and potent supply of probiotics daily. 

For even better slimming results, the formula is combined with CactiNea™, a powerful diuretic. Adding a diuretic helps reduce water retention and accelerate your weight-loss progress. Plus, you’ll be that much more motivated as you’ll see results almost instantly. 

This means no more struggling to plan your meals around probiotic-rich foods. You simply add WaterAway to your daily routine, and your body will soon start reaping the benefits of it! 

First, you will start losing the water weight, giving you instant body-shaping results. Secondly, the probiotics will support your gut health while boosting slimming. That will result in sustainable weight loss in a natural way and without the annoying yo-yo effect.  

Try WaterAway Biotic and t give your body the support it needs to slim down efficiently and sustainably.  


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