Fat burners vs. fat binders: a closer look

With such a variety of choices, selecting the right food supplement can be daunting. Sure, all of them can only work when you add sufficient exercise and a healthy diet to the regimen, but it is essential that you have at least a rough idea of the basic categories to better understand in what ways they support your fitness goals.


Fat burners and fat binders, in particular, have been receiving a lot of attention over the past years and it doesn’t come as a surprise that with more coverage comes more confusion!

Let’s dive right into the difference between fat binders and fat burners!

Fat Binders


Fat binders work inside the digestive tract, preventing fat from being absorbed. In other words: they catch fat before it causes problems. They don’t work directly on the fat already stored in our bodies. Fat binders will bring benefits if your diet has no fat content, but they can help when your diet features meat, oils, eggs and similar products.

Fat burners


Fat burners attack the fat already stored in our bodies. They are nutritional supplements that can increase fat metabolism or energy expenditure, increase weight loss and increase fat oxidation during exercise. Long story short: they burn the fat up! They are a fantastic helping hand, but make sure you start with the diet and exercise and bring in the fat burners into the equation after the adaptation.

So, which do I choose? 

First off, don’t over-rely on either fat binders or fat burners to bring about results - you need to get moving and start eating healthy! No supplement can make up for an inactive lifestyle.

Fat binders would be more suitable if you want to reduce the caloric value of your food. If you find yourself giving in to the temptation of fatty or fried foods, fat binders are for you. They won’t be much use on fat-free diets, though.

As for fat burners, they can be the support you need if you are feeling sluggish while dieting, but keep in mind they can cause sweating and interfere with your sleeping patterns. 

Our suggestions

For a fat binder, we suggest FatEliminator EXTREME: it blocks up to 28%* of fats from your meals and comes in the form of delicious lemon-flavoured drinks.

There are many types of fat burners, but the below are the ones with the most raving reviews by our customers: 

  • AdipoBurn EXTREME. Most popular for its proven belly fat targeting, Adiposlim stimulates brown fat to take action, turning your body into a fat-burning machine it used to be when you were younger. 
  • NightBurn EXTREME.  Burning fat while sleeping sounds too good to be true, but the results prove it: the productoptimizes night-time fat burning, decreases hunger pangs and helps you sleep better.
  • L-Carnitine Pure 1000.  Now available in practical shots that help burn fat and up your energy levels.
  • FatBurn EXTREME. This ultimate fat burner takes pride in triple action: it helps burn more fat, reduces tiredness and speeds up regeneration so you can keep a consistent workout schedule. 

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