General terms and conditions for participation in the challenge and the prize game 28-DAY SLIMMING CHALLENGE – THE BEFORE/AFTER CONTEST 

1. General

By accepting these General terms and conditions, you enter into a binding legal agreement with Sensilab, the provisions of which are set forth hereunder. 

The promotor of the challenge and the prize game 28-DAY SLIMMING CHALLENGE - THE BEFORE/AFTER CONTEST (hereinafter challenge) is: Sensilab d.o o.  whose registered office is at Verovškova 55a, 1000 Ljubljana (hereinafter referred to as Sensilab).

The terms and instructions for participation are published at the website in full:

All the information regarding the personal data processing related to the Challenge can be found at and the general Privacy Policy of Sensilab can be found at

The challenge and the game prize are active from January 1st, 2022 up to, and including, 31st of March 2022, 11:59 PM at the website:


2. Term definitions

2.1. Participation in the challenge  

The challenge, where the promoter collects and processes weight-loss data, is open to natural persons who wish to participate in the challenge, agree to the conditions and fill out the published form.

Natural persons under 18 years of age may participate in the challenge only upon written consent from their parents or legal guardians.

Employees of Sensilab d.o.o., their close family members, users of Sensilab’s family bonuses or anyone else connected with the organisation of this selection may not participate in the challenge and the prize game. 


2.2 Participation in the prize game 

The prize game is open to natural persons who:

  • sign up at
  • fill in the required data, 
  • agree to terms and conditions for participating in the prize game and, at the end of the challenge outlined in 2.1,
  • send a photo where the sign “BEFORE” is visible, marking the time before the start of weight loss,
  • have, in the period between December 20th, December 2021 -  January 31st, 2022, bought one or more weight loss product(s), provided the products have been paid in full, and further provided the buyer has not executed their right to withdraw from the contract,
  • upload a photo with the “AFTER” sign, marking the time after weight loss, under conditions outlined in 2.1. Sending “Before” and “After” photos is possible until 31st of March, 2022, 11:59 PM.
  • the photos may be in .jpg or .png formats and may not exceed 2 MB per individual photo. 

Each individual can only participate once. After a participant sends a photo, they will receive a confirmation e-mail to the e-address they provided upon sign-up.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Everyone who meets the conditions outlined in 2.2 will be eligible for the €1000 prize.  

There shall be one (1) prize of €1000 drawn among all the participants across Europe.


3. Using and publishing participants’ photo material, personal stories and other personal data

By participating in the prize game, the participants agree that their name, last name, place of residence (not the full address), all photo material they have sent to Sensilab, and personal stories (testimonials) may be published on Sensilab’s websites and other Sensilab’s own communication channels, and thereby made accessible to anyone. 

Sensilab reserves the right to delete any photos from their server that they deem offensive, discriminatory, malicious, indecent, hateful, threatening, vulgar, inciting hatred, violence and the expression of racial, ethnic, religious or gender intolerance, contain symbols and markings symbolising totalitarian regimes or are otherwise deemed upsetting and/or are unsuitable for publishing, at promotorSensilab’s full discretion.

Photos express the views and opinions of the challenge and prize game participants, not Sensilab.  


4. Selecting the winners

Out of all registered participants who will participate under the conditions outlined under 2.2, Sensilab d.o.o. will draw a winner on 4th of April, 2022 in its headquarters in Ljubljana, using a 3-member committee. 

The winner will be published on the website by 12th of April, 2022, at the latest.

The winner will be notified about the prize and how to claim it by an email sent to the e-address they provided upon sign-up within 8 days after the selection. If the participant does not respond within this time frame, they waive their right to the prize. If the first winner does not claim the prize within the allotted time (8 days), the committee will meet again within 8 days and repeat the draw as outlined under 4. The process can be repeated until the prize can be given to the winner that will claim the prize in time.  


5. The prize fund 

The €1000 prize is given by Sensilab d.o.o. company, Verovškova ulica 55A, 1000 Ljubljana. Since the prize exceeds €50, the VAT must be accounted for. Should the winner’s place of residence be in a country where Euro is not the official currency, the prize amount shall be paid to the winner in the local currency, calculated at the official exchange rate of the European Central Bank on the day of the prize draw. In such a case, rules about VAT may differ from the aforementioned provision of this point 5.


6. Obligations of participants of the prize game 

Sensilab reserves the right to withhold the prize money if:

  • doubts arise about the authenticity of data and fairness of participation
  • it is discovered that the participant did not act in accordance with these general terms and conditions 
  • if the winner does not provide correct personal data and/or cannot be notified about the outcome. 
    Participants that do not fulfil the conditions will be eliminated before the prize draw. 

Participants that do not fulfil the conditions will be eliminated before the prize draw. 


7. Complaints and reclamations 

All complaints and reclamations are solved by the promoter. Complaints and reclamations can be sent by participants to Substantiated complaints will be resolved within timeframes set by law and the participant will be notified about the outcome.

The competent court in Ljubljana, Republic of Slovenia, shall have jurisdiction over any disputes that arise in connection with the challenge, and the laws of the Republic of Slovenia (without the provisions of the conflict of laws) shall be used. 


8. Changes to the prize game 

Sensilab shall have the right, at any time, to change or modify these terms and conditions for reasons of the technical or commercial nature, or reasons on the side of the public. 

Sensilab will notify the participants in a suitable manner and place about any kind of change of these terms and conditions. In case of any change in the rules, participants may resign from participating in the prize game by not fulfilling the conditions for participation in the prize game.   


9. Final provisions 

Sensilab is not responsible for any damages caused by technical problems with internet providers, internet connection problems or other technical problems, such as, among others. technical problems during the prize draw.

Participants can get help and support throughout the challenge at:

Any questions that may arise in connection to the selection and the pertaining rules and are not covered by these terms and conditions are answered or interpreted by the promoter’s committee.

Decisions of the committee regarding any questions about the selection and pertaining rules are final, valid for all participants and cannot be contested. 


The rules of the selection shall be available at throughout the duration of the challenge. 


Ljubljana, December 17th, 2021