Workout Plan for Week 4 of the Challenge

You're looking at workouts for the current week. Do the 20-minute HIIT training once and 20-minute lower body workout twice. Just like the previous weeks, 2 days are set for walking and 2 days for leisure activities.


If you want to go the extra mile, we recommend a 10-minute bonus torso workout..

Tip: Do a turbo finish!

We suggest:

  • On walking and resting days, do a 10-minute torso workout
  • On training days burn extra calories with a brisk walk
  • Make sure fats are melting away even during rest

20-minute HIIT training:

2 exercise repetitions: 2x 90 seconds

  • running in place
  • jumping jacks
  • scissor jumps
  • high knee touch
  • 2 resting periods: the first one 30 seconds, the second one 40 seconds
  • cool down - 2 minutes

20-minute lower body workout:

2 sets, 6 exercises each: 60 of exercising, 20 seconds of rest

  • squats
  • bridge
  • alternating lunges
  • side leg rise (2x30 seconds)
  • squat jumps
  • donkey kicks

And now the turbo finish :)

BootBurn INTENSIVE will make sure that fat will melt during well-earned rest in front of the TV and also while you sleep.

10-minute torso workout:

  • 1 set - 1 minute of exercise, 45 seconds of rest
  • bycicle
  • side plank (2x30 seconds)
  • opposite leg-arm crunch
  • elbow/full plank (2x30 sekund)
  • crunches
  • cross climbers

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