How do toxins determine where fat deposits will form on your body?

Do you have fat around your waist? The kind even a black t-shirt won't hide? Everyone has at least one part of the body that stubborn fat refuses to leave. We're revealing why the fat is in that particular place and what to do to get rid of it.


Fat distribution in the body, tells more about you than your health and diet do. It shows how many toxins and harmful substances have been accumulated in your body. They are the ones that determine where the fat will accumulate.

Belly and waist fat ...

Waist, stomach, face and ankles, trebuh are parts of your body most prone to toxine "storage".

Do you have waist fat that you can't hide even with a black shirt?

Are your face and your ankles swollen, are you always puffy and bloated

Do you feel that you should look slimmer by now but you're getting bigger and bigger instead?

... it's due to water retention

The answer lies in toxins that your body is unable to eliminate together with extra water. When toxins reach this point, while you're also missing some minerals, this condition occurs.

We have more bad news: this fat is really stubborn. You can try exercising, but you won't get rid of it. In the short term, yes, but after a few weeks you'll have it all back, plus more. Your lymphatic system, which takes care of water elimination, is functioning as if it was over 70 years old! 

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They lost weight, burned fat and eliminated extra water!

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They contain prickly pear and sarsaparilla extracts that work as natural diuretics and milk thistle extract that helps detox the liver.

Together with java tea, parsley, artichokes it has a natural draining effect and will flush away the first pounds within 10 days! ,Your body will finally be ready for effective weight loss.

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WaterOut XXL has clinically proven effects:

  • up to 27% increase in extra water being removed, without eliminating minerals
  •  60% reduced sensation of heavy legs, swollen feet, ankles and calves, after only 1 week
  • prepares the body for accelerated fat burning
  • reduces puffiness, swelling and bloating