Why is Detoxing So Important?

Nowadays, we're a lot more exposed to toxins than we used to be in the past. Polluted air, pesticide and herbicide residue on our produce, chemicals in our cosmetics, artificial additives in our food...we could go on. In small quantities, these substances aren't necessarily harmful but over time, they can accumulate and start causing a myriad of everyday health issues.


How do you know your body is flooded with toxins?

Unfortunately, no doctor will be able to tell you, as they usually only treat the symptoms of a toxin-laden body. We all know about the symptoms: they progress from colds, asthma and fatigue to burn-out, depression, hormonal imbalance and even cancer. A lot of the above could be prevented, but in order to do that, an integrated approach is required.

How to reset your body?

Generally speaking, we're at our healthiest when we're children. Part of the reason may be a child's instinct for what's good/right and what isn't. Unfortunately, we get spoiled rather quickly, due to all the tasty decadent foods available. Before long, we've stopped eating what's right, and started eating what tastes nice. Throughout our lives, toxins accumulate in our bodies, mostly in our bodyfat, some in our internal organs. In time, they start to interfere with their functions, and we start feeling crummy. Everyday headaches, tiredness, insomnia (often linked to hormonal imbalance) and other illnesses are a sign that your body is overwhelmed by toxins. 

Nothing is lost

The winter holidays are behind us, the new year is starting: this is the perfect time for a change. Diet is the first thing we need to examine. This isn't about giving up food, it's about awareness of what food is good for us and what isn't. Fresh fruit and veg, plenty of fluids, avoiding processed food and dairy are the first step in the detox process.
To help your body flush out toxins, we recommend you do a 10-day detox course with WaterOut. Your liver will thank you.


Once the toxins leave your organism, they get eliminated through your intestines. If your digestion isn't optimal, the toxins may linger there and reabsorb into your body. In order to prevent that, we need to ensure there's enough fibre. PsylliSlim will bind toxins and eliminate them out of your body.


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