30 Minute Walks are a Perfect Start

Walking has numerous scientifically proven effects on our psychological as well as physical wellbeing. It's the most natural form of movement for humans and is suitable for everyone. Walking helps strengthen muscles, it burns calories and takes care of health and vitality of all our body systems.


Muscles burn three times more energy during rest than fatty tissues. This means that you'll burn more energy even when just laying about in front of the telly, as long as you strengthen your muscles through exercising, first.

30 minutes of intense walking per day will:

  • Raise serotinin and dopamine – two hormones responsible for feeling happy and good
  • Improve your mental abilites and increase the power of creative thinking
  • Burn excess fat, since it's a medium intensive training that uses energy form fat reserves
  • Considerably reduce the risk for disases such as diabetes and cardio-vascular diseases 
  • Improve circulation and reduce the risk of varicose veins
  • Improve digestion – by strengthening your core muscles you also strengthen gastrointestinal muscles
  • Improve your physical fitness and raise energy levels, thus raising your quality of life
  • Boost metabolism and increase calorie burning



How to start walking??

As with any exericse, consistency is key. Walking is the perfect tool to create a habit of regular physical activity in a perfect beginner.

Why walking?

Since it's not strenuous exercise and is innate to humans, it's easier to get used to. We don't have unpleasant feelings that we usually do when we're learning a new skill or habit. It is these feelings that are often the reason why many people quit before they can even begin to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

  • We don't have to learn anything new – we simply focus on sticking to the plan, consistently.
  • How to stay consistent:
  • Walk at the same time or time of day, every day – for example, before breakfast, after work, at 7 PM, etc.
  • Adjust workout times to your schedule. Think about what time is good for you, considering your lifestyle and other obligations you might have.
  • Set reminders and stick to your plan.
  • Go through with the exercise, no matter what. Even if you're in a sour mood or tired – do it anyway. You'll feel much better afterwards. In adition, you will realise that you were able to push through it instead of giving in to laziness, and that will increase your self-confidence. You'll be ready for even bigger challenges! :)


What about losing weight? Is walking really enough?

If you take a 30-minute brisk walk every day and follow a healthy diet with a caloric deficit (meaning, burning more calories than ingesting them), you will lose weight and improve your long-term body vitality.

In any case, the effects of walking can be multiplied by 10 if, alongside walking and eating right, you use natural fat burners, like those from our BootBurn lineNew and improved  BootBurn ACTIVE XXL – check out the discount we've prepared for you :)


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