Vicky Pattison: "I'm on a bit of a mission this summer"

Vicky Pattison needs no introduction, we’ve all come to know her as one of the original cast members of Geordie Shore, staying in the spotlight ever since.

She’s also known for another thing: an amazing body transformation. Vicky is highly motivated and determined - when she sets her goals, she works hard and she reaches them. That’s why we’re absolutely thrilled that she’s chosen Slimmium to accompany her on her fitness journey!


I’m on a bit of a mission this summer,” she says on her Instagram, “to find things that work for me long term, aren’t harmful and are convenient for my busy life.” Sounds like a job for Slimmium to us!

Why did Vicky Pattison choose Slimmium?

She went for our star products, WaterOut XXL and BootBurn ACTIVE XXL because she was excited by all the ways they’ll help her on her mission to look and “feel her best” this summer.

She decided on BootBurn ACTIVE XXL because it will help her burn fat 5 times faster during her workouts. She’ll get results of 100 minutes of exercise in just 20! A real time saver and “convenient for my busy life”, as she puts it. It will help her regenerate muscle faster and boost her metabolism, too. Go Vicky!

She also chose WaterOut XXL. She was convinced by its outstanding effect of draining excess water from the body as well as doing away with bloating. She’ll get rid of toxins and unburden her liver, so it can focus on metabolising fat instead of dealing with toxins. She was especially impressed by the fact that it’s “100% natural”.

Want to join Vicky on her journey?

We can’t wait to hear about her experience, as she’s promised to keep everyone posted on her Instagram. So give her a follow to see what happens! The results should be coming very soon!

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