Cellulite, swollen ankles, puffy face and a feeling of heavy legs are signs that your lymphatic system may be struggling with excess water. As a result, your weight loss process may be hindered or drastically slowed down.


There's another sign that your body needs help: weight around the stomach. It can point to the toxins being stored in your stomach fatinstead of being flushed out.

Why does that happen? Your liver is overwhelmed with toxins and it keeps storing them in fat cells. This can slow down or even prevent weight loss.

Luckily, there are easy solutions!

Nina's story


Meet Nina. She's 40 and works in a restaurant. "Due to my work, my legs and my hands started to get swollen. Not only that, but I couldn't put on my favourite pants because I was so bloated that people thought I was pregnant! Today it makes me laugh, but I cried a lot back then," she recalls.

Christian's story


This is Christian, 38. “When I was younger, I could eat anything and it never showed. I was never skinny, but I was average. When I got a regular job, my stomach started growing bigger and bigger by the year.” He also started getting back pains due to the size of his stomach – he couldn’t even sit at the table right.

Ana's story


This is Ana (33), an established ballerina and a mother of a toddler. The many obligations, both professional and personal, take their toll. That is especially true before performances: "Due to all the stress and unhealthy snacks, I tend to feel very bloated before shows".


 "I got rid of the excess water, lost a few pounds and that felt very freeing. Now, I can finally wear pants I bought 10 years ago, and it's given me a lot of my confidence back," Nina says.

Christian laughs: "People say they can’t believe their eyes! I don't feel like I'm carrying all this extra weight around my waist anymore.”

Ana reveals: "On stage I'm feeling fit again, my stomach is flat. I feel light like a butterfly, which is crucial for a dancer. I'm also noticing an increase in energy ever since I've started using WaterOut XXL."

WaterOut XXL will get rid of bloating quickly and visibly. You'll be looking slimmer in no time!

It will also boost your lymphatic system, alleviate cellulite and make sure toxins are flushed out of your body. It may be all you need to finally kick-start your weight loss!