Meet the winner of 28-day weight-loss challenge, Victoria!

Victoria participated in the Slimmium 28-day challenge and won! She lost a total of 13.6* kg and has inspired all of us at Slimmium with her story. Now we are sharing it with you, just the way she told it to us.


“Anyone can succeed with the right supplementation and determination”

I am 39 years of age, my hobbies include gardening, travelling, looking after rescue animals and reading. My hormonal problems always held me back from losing weight. I felt conscious over my large size and I wanted to start enjoying wearing more fitted clothes styles like other women can. 

I decided that I really needed to try to lose weight, as not only did I not feel comfortable in my own skin, but I was advised that losing weight would be beneficial for my general health. 

I heard constantly that it's much harder to lose weight the older we get, Slimmium has shown me this is not true and everybody can succeed with the right supplements and determination!

Slimmium to the rescue!

I read about the Slimmium 28-Day Challenge through an e-mail, and it was the incentive I needed to start a new lifestyle and use the products I had stocked up on! I really was encouraged to participate by my family. 

They told me that it would be beneficial to know that other people would be on this same journey as me, and that gave me extra confidence.  Just knowing I was not alone has boosted my confidence to at least give this challenge my best shot. 

“My biggest challenge was changing my food habits”

My biggest challenge over the 28 days was changing my food habits and substituting food for a better choice. I started making cauliflower rice instead of regular rice, using a natural sweetener and cutting out sugar completely. I decided to try a lower carbohydrate diet as well. 

I also was a little stressed at the beginning as change is never easy, especially changing my everyday food consumption. I was able to ease my stress by taking Slimmium Ashwagandha daily and not only did it help with my stress, but I started getting better sleep too, which is invaluable. 

“I started to notice results within days”

I first started noticing results within the first few days, I looked much less bloated, and I decided to only weigh myself weekly. The fascinating thing was that even though I might not have lost as much as I’d hoped on week 2*, my measurements were still dropping!

I think a combination of all the Slimmium products I was using was definitely helping me shed excess water retention! :)

Victoria lost a total of 13.6* kg: “I feel like I’ve lost more”

I lost a total of 13.6* kg by the end of the challenge, but I feel like I've lost more as I'm no longer bloated by all the excess water retention. I would advise anybody suffering from this issue to buy Slimmium products and see the results for themselves!

My favourite Slimmium products are CarbBlock EXTREME, WaterOut Shots and Ashwagandha.  I made sure to add in the Super Green Mix Drink for some added nutrition and I really like the effects of the CiderCleanse extreme which definitely helped my digestion and helped me shed those pounds too. 

I really think that Slimmium products contributed to my success, as I've tried to lose weight in the past and just did not see the same results as when I included your products. 

“I would recommend Slimmium to everybody!”

The biggest improvement I have noticed is in my confidence. I no longer look at clothes and feel upset knowing they might not fit me. I have much more energy and I no longer get out of breath as easily. I, honestly, would recommend Slimmium to everybody!

I especially recommend Slimmium products to anybody who needs an extra boost to start a weight-loss journey. The products I use really make a difference and gave me real confidence to continue improving my health. 

Join Victoria on her path of success!

If Victoria did it, so can you! Now is the time to embark on your weight-loss journey, and Slimmium is here to offer help and support. Reaching your slimming goals will be faster and easier with some high-quality products that will have your back:

  • WaterOut to get rid of water weight and cellulite
  • FatBurn to help turn your body into a fat-burning machine
  • NightBurn to cancel your evening hunger and keep you burning fat at night
  • AdipoBurn to attack your stomach fat and prevent the yo-yo effect**

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website.

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