Ursula and Leo have something in common

What do Ursula, a 55 year old woman, and Leo, a man at the beginning of his 70s, have in common?

Well, both of them like to enjoy life, look for pleasures in small things and indulging in little sins. As a result, they both accumulated some extra weight in the stomach area. Sounds familiar? Read on...



Ursula didn't feel comfortable in her body and struggled to accept her extra pounds. "Being overweight is a constant burden. Looking at my friends wearing t-shirts and tight clothes... I would catch myself envying them instead of just enjoying my time with them."

"My biggest problem was my stomach"

She found her solution in taking AdipoSlim** with XXL effect that reduces stomach fat by up to 50%. "I felt the purest joy when I was able to button my skirt - the same skirt I couldn't even get on a couple of months ago!" She managed to lose well over 1 stone, in just a month and a half!


Leo had been struggling with extra pounds for quite a while, but didn't really take it seriously until it started to affect his life. "I started noticing pain in my back and I would get winded faster than beforeI'm a very active man, it started to bother me that I couldn't do all the things I used to".

"I ran out of belt holes"

Leo started taking AdipoSlim XXL** and the pounds started flying! Leo loves the visible changes on his body, but most of all, he loves that he has more energy to pursue his interests and hobbies.

"Things are actually easier now, I breathe more easily. I have to fasten my belt a lot tighter now, or I might lose my pants," he laughs.


  • lose up to 50% of stomach fat
  • it prevents the yo-yo effect
  • fire up your metabolism and burn up to 33% more fat
  • 6 times longer stimulation of fat burning, compared to similar products

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website

**The customers used the previous edition of our product. Try the improved AdipoBurn now!

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