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With the summer approaching at lightning speed, the time is running out for anyone wanting to undergo a full body transformation. Nevertheless, it’s definitely not too late! We’ve chosen the best of our products for quick results and this time, we won’t try to convince you with studies and buzzwords, we’ll just let Slimmium users speak for themselves.



“Eating in front of the TV at night was a huge problem for me. I would get hungry out of nowhere and couldn’t stop myself.”


NighBurn XXL** helped her overcome the enemy that only comes out at night. “I honestly didn’t think there was a product in the world that would stop those evening munchies, but to my surprise, I didn’t even think of food while taking NightBurn XXL!” The results? “Not only can I wear my bikini now, I wear it with a smile!”


45-year old Ian is one of those people who reached their new year resolutions before most even started working on them. He was 5 stone overweight, so he decided to change.


"I studied the ingredients and came to a decision to speed my journey along with BootBurn ACTIVE XXL**. My body got back to its original shape without fat - my stomach muscles and hips are visible again!" says Ian, who also had to change his wardrobe.

"I noticed the first results after about a week, when I realised my weight had stopped fluctuating and started to slowly go down.The only side effect I had was having to buy new clothes," he explains, laughing.


"Being overweight is a constant burden. Looking at my friends who could get away with wearing t-shirts and tight clothes, I didn't feel good. I'd catch myself wishing I could dress like that, instead of just enjoying my time with them. I lacked self-esteem for sure."


Taking AdipoSlim with XXL Effect** that reduces stomach fat by up to 50% brought excellent results: "I felt the purest joy when I was able to button my skirt - the same skirt I couldn't even get on before New Year's! I have more confidence than ever before!"


"Due to my work, my legs and my hands started to get swollen," she says, as she remembers the difficult days when she got up early in the morning to go to work. "I couldn't put on my favourite pants because I was so bloated that people thought I was pregnant! Today it makes me laugh, but I cried a lot back then," she recalls.


"I came across WaterOut XXL Effect** and, despite being sceptical at first, I decided to give it a try. I got rid of the excess water, lost a few pounds and that felt very freeing. Now, I can finally wear pants I bought 10 years ago, and it's given me a lot of my confidence back," Nina says, with a glint in her eye.

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