Syndia: "My clothes fit a lot better now!"

Syndia is a single mum and works in sales. Naturally, her wonderful children and a full-time job keep her very busy.


"I gained weight because of hormonal treatment"

Syndia has always had a curvy and athletic figure, but "I needed to get some hormonal treatment and it caused me to gain a lot of weight." As a consequence, she no longer felt good about herself and lost confidence. "My clothes no longer fit me and I felt very down about myself," she says.

After a week, she felt a lot fitter

One day, she saw an ad from Slimmium and decided to try some of our products. She's already returned for more since then!

She started off with NightBurn EXTREME, FatBurn EXTREME, AquaSlim EXTREME and AdipoBurn EXTREME.** She noticed the effects very quickly. After a week, she already felt noticeably fitter!

"My clothes fit a lot better now!"

The results were visible very quickly. The effects of Slimmium products also motivated her to eat healthier and exercise more. She noticed her body changing: "I lost weight and my clothes started fitting better again. I was also pleasantly surprised that my skin cleared up." Another unexpected result was that her quality of sleep improved!

"I'm a lot happier now"

Although she's already very happy with the results, her journey continues. "I'm a lot happier now," she concludes.

What were the products that helped Syndia?

All of the products that helped Snydia reclaim her confidence and happiness are available in our Starter Bundle! It includes:

FatBurn EXTREME - a fat-burning drink that speeds up fat burning, even when we're resting.

NightBurn EXTREME - a night-time fat burner, helps improve sleep, accelerate the metabolism, cleanses the liver and curbs evening cravings.

AdipoBurn EXTREME** - capsules designed to target stomach fat and prevent the yo-yo effect.

AquaSlim EXTREME - a delicious raspberry drink that helps reduce bloating and helps detox the body.

Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website.

**AdipoSlim Extreme has been renamed to AdipoBurn Extreme. Only the name has changed, the ingredients and the benefits have stayed the same.

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