Riccardo: "I’m not ashamed to show myself to people anymore."

We are pleased to share another success story, this time it was Riccardo, a loyal Slimmium customer, who offered to provide a testimonial of how his weight loss helped him become a happier and more confident person.


Riccardo works in armed private security and in his spare time he likes to go to the cinema or for a run in the park.
When asked about his body type, Riccardo describes it as ectomorph, meaning skinny, with thin limbs and lean muscle.
But when it comes to being in shape, things haven’t always been like this: “Well, let’s just say that my body hasn’t always been completely normal. I was overweight, but then at some point, I decided to start a new life and get back on track with myself.”

“I didn’t go out as I was afraid of people making fun of me.”

Riccardo, like millions of men and women around the world, used to feel trapped in his body, something just didn’t feel right. “I didn’t go out just to avoid being made fun of. I didn’t go to the seaside because I feared judgement by others.”

The way Riccardo looked deeply influenced his life.

Luckily, Riccardo stumbled upon Slimmium while browsing the internet for weight-loss supplements.

Only 2 weeks* until the first results*

At the beginning of his weight-loss journey, Riccardo of course wasn’t sure if these dietary supplements would bring any significant results. It is true that with so much choice on the market, it is difficult to know which brand to trust.
But when Riccardo noticed the first results after already 2 weeks*, he was determined: “I chose you as my lifestyle guide!”

Are you curious which products helped Riccardo lose weight and also keep it off?
“I have tried almost all of your products, but these are the ones I still use today: AquaSlim EXTREME, FatBurn EXTREME, NightBurn EXTREME and AdipoSlim EXTREME.”
The mentioned best-selling products were a great choice as they combine everything you need for an efficient weight-loss regime and to prevent a yo-yo effect thanks to patented ingredients.

They helped Riccardo get a flat stomach, slimmer legs and waistline (from size 50 to 42!); he also reports he lost a lot of weight and is excited about generally being in a better mood.
“The most significant change I’ve noticed is definitely weight loss all over my body.”

My body has been rejuvenated!”

The reason Riccardo achieved such envy-worthy results is that the bundle of products has been shown to help burn 24 % more fat, prevent the body from storing fat and eliminate a third of excess water from the body. Studies have also confirmed that using the products reduces waist circumference by 7.5 cm and hips by 6 cm*, which is also something Riccardo can attest to.

“I’m not ashamed to show myself to people anymore.”

We are always interested to learn how weight loss and becoming fitter affects a person’s overall well-being. Riccardo feels excellent: “I go to the beach with a smile, I wear short-sleeved shirts without covering my body. All in all, I’m not ashamed to show myself to people anymore. The Slimmium products really are working, tried and tested!”
Give the Slimmium Starter Bundle a try and get the body, the confidence and the life you deserve.

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website.

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