After 3 weeks I noticed that my clothes were looser!

Noeleen is a mother and a grandmother who has always struggled with her weight and has "tried many diets”. But all her efforts had limited success. Then, her daughter announced she was getting married. Noeleen decided that looking radiant at her daughter’s big day would be her new goal. As you can see, she achieved it! But she tried something different...


"I was really surprised!"

Noeleen couldn't exercise due to a back injury, so she tried a different approach. "I first saw a Slimmium ad on Facebook and decided to give Slimmium Capsules** and BootBurn STRONG Active**a go.

As is often the case, she had her doubts at the beginning. "I was really surprised! After 3 weeks I noticed that my clothes were looser." She found the capsules easy to take and enjoyed the fruity flavour of BootBurn STRONG Active. The capsules blocked 58% of fat and 54% of carbs* from her meals, while BootBurn helped her burn 16% more fat*.

Problems with the dress

As the big date approached, she ordered WaterOut STRONG**, for a final boost to help her fit into her dress. WaterOut STRONG can get rid of up to 27% of excesswater*, within days.

But not everything went according to plan: 3 weeks before my daughter's wedding I tried on my mother of the bride outfit only to find the dress too big! I ended up getting it taken in three and a half inches!


Noeleen wanted us to share her story with you and has this to say about Slimmium: "I have lost a total amount of 25 lbs using these fantastic products and would not hesitate to recommend them."*

Get all three in the 30-Day Programme and:

  • Block over 50% of fats and carbs* from your meals
  • Get rid of 27% of excess water*
  • Burn 16% more fat, 5 times faster*
  • Stimulate your thyroid
  • Detox your liver

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website

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