Happy customers: NightBurn EXTREME really works!

Do you have trouble sleeping? And even when you manage to get sufficient rest you wake up tired?

You're not alone!


In addition to bad-quality nighttime rest, people all over the world also tend to eat too much in the evening, especially craving junk food, and would do anything to be able to fall asleep more quickly and get some quality Zzzs.

Read on to find out which Slimmium dietary supplement has helped our customers get a good night's sleep AND lose weight while doing so!

Lenka, Czech Republic


Lenka used to be satisfied with her weight until her pregnancies took a toll on her body shape, resulting in a lack of confidence and constant tiredness. Upon a friend's recommendation, Lenka decided to give NightBurn EXTREME a try and was amazed by the results she could see already after about a week of use.

'I noticed my clothes felt loose and I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped on the scale - it showed that I lost 6 kg!’* Lenka noticed a decrease in cravings, experienced an improvement in mood and is now feeling proud of what she has achieved.


Alma, Slovenia


Another success story is Alma who, similar to Lenka, couldn’t find the time to look after herself among the craziness that is being a young mom: ‘I simply didn’t have any time for myself, to make sure I was eating healthily, let alone time to work out. I kept gaining weight.’

Luckily, Alma put a lid on the most stressful period in her life with NightBurn. She had a glass of our delicious fat-burning drink every night before bed and very soon she started waking up feeling a lot more energised and with a boosted metabolism.

With moderate exercise, hydration but without a strict diet, Alma is extremely happy with the results and would recommend NightBurn to everyone with similar problems, especially young mothers.

Sandra, Denmark


Sandra describes her body shape as slender, but it hasn’t always been like this - she used to have 20 kilos more, but managed to shed it with dietary changes, training and NightBurn EXTREME.

‘The first thing I noticed was improved sleep. Then I noticed that the urge to snack in the evening was gone. I’m pretty sure NightBurn has played an important role in my weight loss.’

Thanks to the product, Sandra has become lighter and far more energetic. She looks and feels a lot better.

Vesna, Croatia


Another proof that NightBurn does wonders is Vesna, a 38-year-old from Croatia, who ordered the product when she noticed the lockdown (and her usual late-evening hunger) resulted in weight gain.

‘Already after 2 days* I started to lose weight even though I still ate the same. The scale started to show less and I was still not moving due to the new situation and I was mostly in front of the fridge. That thrilled me and so I continue to use this product.’

Like other customers, Vesna, too, finds NightBurn EXTREME ideal because you take it in the evening and it does the work overnight, without disturbing your sleep.

NightBurn EXTREME – 4-in-1 effect

It is surprising but true that you can drop pounds while you sleep. The more and the better we sleep, the more fat we burn, so it is crucial to improve sleep – and NightBurn does exactly that.

With an outstanding combination of water-soluble fibre, Garcinia Cambogia extract and vitamin B6, it boasts a 4-in-1 effect on night-time fat burning:

  • Boost fat burning

You’re more likely to go for low-calorie snacks and burn fat much faster if you're fully rested.

  • Help regenerate the liver

If the liver is overwhelmed, it can result in a minimised fat-burning rate. 

  • Boost weight loss

NightBurn supports your gut and digestion by feeding good bacteria. 

  • Improve sleep 

Better quality of sleep helps control evening hunger and slimming.

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website. Our products are not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease or serious illness. Maintaining a  balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is important.

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