From skinny fat to fabulously fit!

It’s amazing how quickly a transformation can happen, when your body is functioning as it should. Jaroslava from the Czech Republic is a perfect example!


“I always had an athletic figure, I work out several times per week and I eat healthy in general. But this last year, I started noticing that my body was changing, remembers 37 years old Jaroslava.

No matter what she did – and how much she ate – she always felt bloated and woke up feeling heavy and uncomfortable.

Alongside problems with her digestion, she started accumulating fat on her hips and thighs“I couldn't see any progress anymore even though I never stopped working out.”

Even though she was skinny, her lean physique was hidden by a layer of fat and water weight.

It’s normal that our body starts to change and slow down as we age...

But if the change is very sudden, it's a good idea to look into some way of helping the body bounce back.

Jaroslava did exactly that.

My friend recommended Slimmium slimming products to me. She used them to get rid of the weight she gained while pregnant. And because I know that she's a health-conscious person, I trusted her recommendation.”


She started small – with Aqua Slim EXTREME detox drink and Fat Burn EXTREME thermo burner.

“I noticed the first results within five days. I felt less bloated and I started waking up feeling lighter and full of energy!

She felt great so she decided to try other Slimmium products. 

Next, she tried Slimmiccino, the weight-loss-boosting coffee drink, and NightBurn Extreme, which boosts night-time fat burning.


How is she feeling?

Jaroslava feels simply amazing now: My metabolism has definitely improved, and I no longer feel overly full after meals. The bloating is gone and the fat around the abdomen has decreased.

She’s not too worried about the numbers on the scale, but her friends have been complimenting her a lot. “The scale shows I’ve lost a little over 2 kg and my body has definitely never reacted as well to workouts before,” she concludes. 


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