Alexandru went from 78 kg to 74 kg in 4 weeks!*

Alexandru, despite being passionate about team sports and going to the gym daily, needs to be mindful of his diet; he can lose weight pretty quickly, but without a balanced meal plan, fat accumulates beyond the limits Alexandru is comfortable with. 

Do you too find it difficult to melt excess fat and keep a fit, toned body? 


The risks of poor nutrition

Most likely, just like Alexandru, you can put your finger on poor nutrition as the main cause of weight gain. Alexandru’s unbalanced meals during his 4 years at college were how it all started. 

The risks associated with unhealthy eating habits extend beyond calories turning into fat. What it results in is also a lack of self-confidence: ‘To be honest, when the clothes start to look bad on you, your self-confidence decreases, and you start to want to make a change.’

Convinced by customer testimonials

Alexandru took action fast enough. ‘I searched online for weight loss products and saw good recommendations and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that two months from now I will be able to get rid of the desired amount of abdominal fat.’

While Alexandru’s motive was primarily improving his physical appearance, poor nutrition is oftentimes accompanied by tiredness, lack of motivation, difficulties falling asleep and out-of-shape liver and gut. 

Slimmium to the rescue! 

The two products that Alexandru has been using and is particularly fond of are FatBurn EXTREME and NightBurn EXTREME. 

The first positive changes appeared already about 1 month* after Alexandru started running and working out at home.

From 78 kg to 74 in 4 weeks*! 

Alexandru measured his success and is happy to report: ‘I went from 78 to 74 kg in just 4 weeks*, without losing my muscle mass.’ Our studies confirmed this as well: FatBurn EXTREME burns 24% more fat* for several hours while keeping your muscles intact. 

Fewer kilos meant that on the outside, Alexandru’s shape also improved: ‘I noticed a considerable reduction in waist size and abdominal fat.’

What a success! 

Burn fat day and night!

A better-looking body, less fat, post-workout recovery support and more motivation are just some of the reasons why our customers love the FatBurn EXTREME and NightBurn EXTREME combo. 

We’ve also added AquaSlim EXTREME to the bundle to guarantee you those fast first results: it kickstarts weight loss by flushing excess water and toxins out of the body and gives visible results within days!

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website. Our products are not intended to prevent, treat or to cure any disease or serious illness.

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