AdipoBurn changes lives. These are some of our the biggest success stories!

One of the most sensitive topics for most of us is belly fat. Getting rid of fat in the most efficient way is, without a doubt, the hardest thing to do.

It all comes down to your body’s built-in survival mechanism. In ancient times, we didn’t always have it so easy when it comes to food.Our bodies had to develop a way to store energy for the times when food wasn’t available.


While times have changed, the survival mechanism remains and now works against us these days, unfortunately.

The trick is to “flip the switch” on your body’s survival mechanism so it forces the body to burn stubborn fat deposits.


With AdipoBurn - an innovative capsule that targets belly fat! And the good news is you don’t have to change your lifestyle for results.

Just check out our happy customers' experiences with AdipoBurn!

Zdeněk: “It helped me reduce stomach fat!”

“The results were visible so quickly! I stepped on the scale after one week and there was already an improvement!” Fast forward to 3 months later, Zdenek has lost 13 kilos!* “I went down several sizes and I’m looking fit in my new jeans,” he laughs.


Zdenek says he’d happily recommend AdipoSlim** to anyone struggling with the same issues: “I had zero side-effects, so I truly recommend it to anyone who wants to lose way in a natural and healthy way.”

Manuela: “I lost 24 kilos in 3 months!”*

“My body shape has always fluctuated, but at the age of 19, I reached a worrying 83 kilos at 158 centimetres. Looking in the mirror was irritating and was impacting my mood. I just could find the motivation to do something about it. ”


“Have I reached my goals? At the moment, I can’t say that I’m quite there yet, but I’ve been using  AdipoBurn Extreme** for three months now and I lost 24 kilos! ”

“I’m very happy with my current lifestyle and I will do my best to keep it up. Being more active has contributed enormously to my overall well-being and my appearance too.”

Manuela: “I've achieved amazing results in just 4 months!”*

“Manuela works at an office and has a great passion for translating. She's always struggled with her weight and has tried many weight-loss products in her life. She never had any luck finding something that truly worked... Until she discovered Slimmium!”


Thanks to Slimmium, especially AdipoSlim Extreme** capsules, Manuela managed to achieve amazing results: she lost a total of 17 kilos, 7 cm around the waist and 9 cm around the hips!*

2 sizes down, in a blink of an eye

Although Ursula's husband likes her just the way she is, she didn't feel comfortable in her body and struggled to accept the extra pounds. “Being overweight is a constant burden. Looking at my friends who could get away with wearing t-shirts and tight clothes, I didn't feel well at all. I would catch myself wishing I could wear clothes like that, instead of just enjoying my time with them.”


Taking AdipoBurn** with XXL effect that reduces stomach fat by up to 50% brought excellent results: “I felt the purest joy when I was able to button my skirt - the same skirt I couldn't even get on before New Year's!”  

Suddenly, weight loss became much easier

The first benefits Najat noticed were small. Her digestion improved, she felt less hungry all the time and had more energy. “This made eating healthier and sticking to smaller portions easy,” she says and adds: “I didn’t even crave sugary drinks anymore.”


Najat stuck to her new regimen and lost almost all the weight she wanted to lose: “I haven't reached the finish line yet, but I've come very far already. I'll keep going because I'm so happy with the results. I can finally recognize myself in the mirror again.”

Andrej: “AdipoSlim has much improved my quality of life and I will continue to take it.” 

“When I started taking the capsules, I saw an improvement after two months* now I am taking them for about 19 months and I have lost about 10 to 15* kilograms and your capsules have changed my life for the better.” 

“I noticed the effects after two months* because my extra kilograms flew off to an unknown place and I feel better the way I am now and I recommend it to everyone.”

Brigita: “For the first time in many years, my hips are wider than my waist!”

With AdipoSlim, “the kilos were constantly melting from week to week.” 


Brigita has already noticed the changes in her body, as she was able to buy smaller pants for one confection number after only 1 week*. However, she still eagerly awaited the weekly measurements each time and was "rewarded with positive results" each time. She noticed that with the help of AdipoSlim XXL capsules, the centimetres around her hips and waist melted even after the fact that after 3 weeks* she was able to wear a couple of smaller pairs of pants.

Lado: "Everyone noticed my big change" 


Lado is very satisfied after 2 months* of weight loss with Slimmium products with XXL strength. How could he not be when he lost as much as 16 kilograms, 20 cm at the waist, and around his hips he is 6 cm* narrower! “I really breathe easier now! My knees don't hurt anymore, and I don't have problems with clothes anymore!” 

Silvia: "I lost 10 kg in 2 months.“*

She's been using these products for several months now but, according to her, it didn't take long for her to notice results: “I couldn't believe it, but now I feel amazing, I lost weight even without frequent exercise.”

“I lost about 10 kg altogether, it's especially noticeable in the waist around - all of this in just 2 months.”*


“I would definitely recommend Slimmium products to those that struggle with weight loss despite exercising or changing their diet. These products are great, especially as a way to kick-start your weight-loss journey or for anyone that's missing something from their diet and needs to supplement.”

Now you can do it too. Reduce belly fat 30% more efficiently than before with AdipoBurn XXL

  • Up to 50%* less belly fat. 

  • Reduce waist size by up to 7.5 cm* 

  • and hip size by up to 6 cm.*

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website.

**Our customers used a previous version of this product: AdipoSlim Extreme has been renamed to AdipoBurn XXL. Only the name has changed, the ingredients and the benefits have stayed the same.

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