Shake - A nourishing meal at your fingertips!

For a long time we all know the rule of having 5 meals a day. But lets be honest, being often in a hurry, we may not always be able to eat regularly, or sometimes it happens that we do not have the desire to prepare a simple snack. And then it happens that we get to the next meal with unbearable hunger and eventually gain too much weight!


Natural and tasty proteins

A simple solution to this problem are protein shakes. In the collective imagery we often associate them with bodybuilders, but the truth is that it’s a great product that everyone can use as long as they’re all natural!

They're the most effective after training and physical activity for the regeneration of muscle fibres - in the cases when we do not have the ability to get protein directly from food.

Being very tasty, they can satisfy those sweet cravings with a lot of good nutrients and at the same time very few calories! In fact, instead of getting fat, we slim down!

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Always with you

As mentioned earlier, when in a hurry, it’s a good substitute for missed meals. They’re packaged in single dose sachets that you can always carry with you.

Get Creative!

Here's a little secret: It comes in a basic flavor such as vanilla. This makes it easy for you to combine it with other ingredients for new exciting tastes. Add a teaspoon of powdered cocoa powder to turn it into a chocolate shake, or blend it with blueberries, raspberries and other fruits. You can also add a cup of coffee, if that’s your preference.

Sky is the limit!

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