The drink that nullifies fat - forever!

A glass of this drink for breakfast or during the day will make you melt fat before you even realize it. Try it now!


Green coffee - the king of fat burn

Surely you have already heard of the so-called fat burning foods. These are foods that help digestion, stimulate metabolism, and fight water retention.

One of the best food to burn fat is definitely green coffee! Not the special or exotic variety, but simply the classic mixture which is not subjected to the roasting process. This makes the grains keep the natural color intact. It also contains many polyphenols, mineral salts and vitamins (especially group B), and less caffeine than classic toasted coffee. All of these special properties bring a lot of benefits to our body: they stimulate the absorption of the wheat, have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action and control the level of blood glucose (also good for diabetics).

The drink that forces our body to burn fat

A scientifically proven French innovation that prevents the body from using sugar as the first source of energy, forcing it to use the excess fat. That is to slim you down even when you are just standing still. This is the BootBurn INTENSIVE beverage based on green coffee and kola seeds naturally raises the inner body temperature, making it to believe that it’s exercising.

It works in two ways:

  • prevents the absorption of sugar into the intestine and the use of sugar from food
  • prevents the body from using the stock of sugar (glucose) stored in the liver and muscles (in the form of glycogen) for energy.

The special blend of BootBurn INTENSIVE

contains the extract of kola seeds with natural caffeine, green tea extract, ginger extract and vitamin B3 that allows you to get results even without physical activity:

  • burns almost 6% more fat during rest
  • leads to an optimal digestion
  • maintains adequate levels of blood sugar
  • Gives you energy and increases the vitality of the body
  • diminishes the feeling of fatigue
  • has a positive effect on the skin during slimming

So good news for those who do not have time to take that half an hour for a walk or maybe do not want to go to the gym regularly.

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