Do You Have to Love Yourself to Lose Weight?

Often, the core reason for body weight issues has nothing to do with hunger. See if you're impacted.


Does this sound familiar? 

Everything is fine.

You’ve been sticking to your diet for a few days and today you might even exercise or go for a walk.

You’re thinking about what you want to make for dinner and how to make it healthy. Sometime between then and coming home you get irritated though…

You’re still fine, but a craving emerges….

All of a sudden, chips sounds like a great idea!

You could stop on your way home and grab chips and maybe even a burger… 

The hunger is getting real and your stomach is growling. Maybe you’re hungrier than you thought. Maybe you NEED that burger and chips.

 You're REALLY feeling desperate now...


No, it’s often not hunger

Several studies have shown that many people with weight problems eat for reasons that are psychological and have nothing to do with hunger.

We feel true hunger when our stomach is empty and sends a signal to our brain that the body needs food.

Signs of real hunger:

  • Growling stomach
  • The feeling of hunger is increasing
  • We could eat anything (not specific food cravings)
  • Drinking a glass of water or eating an apple does not help for long

A deceptive feeling of hunger can happen for many reason...

Common emotional triggers:

  • Boredom
  • Anxiety, stress
  • Feeling alone

Common triggers that are still not real hunger:

  • Mental exhaustion
  • Being underslept

Why you crave it

In situations when true hunger is not the cause of cravings, we often crave unhealthy food that can set us back when it comes to weight loss. But there’s a good reason for that:

Food affects our mood and specific macronutrients or flavours can light up the powerful pleasure sensors in our brain.

Junk food or food with a lot of calories, packed with fats and carbohydrates, sugar and salt, is what we want because it’s extremely satiating and relaxing for the brain.

Cupcakes can actually make us feel better, like a good hug. The problem is that sometimes - we just need a hug.

The practice of self-love for successful weight loss

Now you know your brain just wants a release, you can find satisfaction and relaxation without the addicting stimulation of junk food.

Start by experimenting how to relax when emotional hunger hits:

  • Listen to your body. Think about the real cause of your restlessness.
  • Give yourself time. Wait for 5-10 minutes and have a glass of water. You can still eat if the hunger persists.
  • Physical relaxation powers mental relaxation. Go for a walk or do this: Run in place for 30 seconds and lay down on the floor. Flex all muscles of your body, hold for 3 seconds and release. Repeat 5 times. It’s weird but it’s a very effective method of muscle relaxation.
  • If you eat half a pizza in and realise you didn't really need it, allow yourself to stop eating and save it for later.
  • Don’t be ruthless. No matter how much you ate, never beat yourself up for it. This can trap you in a viscous cycle of emotional eating.

Next: Focus on your wellbeing

  • Sleep. When we don’t sleep enough, we tend to crave (and eat) more caloric food. Several studies have shown that not sleeping enough leads to weight gain.
  • Eat real food every day. You don’t need extreme diets, but you DO NEED 25 g of fibre per day from beans, legumes, fruits and vegetables, healthy fats from seeds, nuts and fatty fish, and enough lean protein from plant and/or animal sources.
  • Move. Everything counts: walking, cleaning, exercising in front of TV, playing with dogs… It doesn’t matter how you’re doing it, just be active for at least 30 minutes per day..
  • Get 15 minutes of sunshine. We don’t need a lot of it, but we need it every day. Sun exposure is important for our vitamin D production.

Third: Shut down self-loathing thoughts

A wonderful thing about the human brain is that it works like a muscle and you can train it.

Connections in our brain act like roads. Some are used often and look like highways. Others are rarely used and look like forest trails. You can change the traffic though!

Consistent changes in thinking (point of view), repeated enough times, will strengthen connection in the brain and automatically make it more common!

What do you want to hear every day?

Are you saying those things to yourself? 

Writing in a journal is one of the best ways to listen to ourselves and a gratitude journal is a great way to train self-love

Forth: Lose a few pounds for motivation

When weight loss is desired, even a slight drop in weight feels very satisfying and motivating. It’s the perfect supercharger of your positive thoughts and self-love.

Fat burners are a great aid for those that are stuck at heavier weight for a longer time. FatBurn boost metabolism, increase the rate of fat burning and decrease appetite.

Fat burners are even more effective if you take them before any physical activity – even if it's just a walk!

  • Provides energy
  • Makes any activity easier and more enjoyable
  • Boosts fat loss fast and long-term

If you’re looking for a scientifically proven, high-quality solution with natural ingredients, this is it.

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