How to incorporate favourite meals into a diet without losing progress

Having cheat meals? Don’t! Do this instead...


Feel like you're losing your mind with cravings for a burger? Or pizza or your favourite ice-cream?

Food cravings are normal. After following a healthier diet for a while, they usually change and end up aligning more closely with your diet, and sometimes they even disappear as quickly as they came – but sometimes they linger...

What to do when your food cravings just won’t go away

When dieting, some people may notice a desire for a specific meal that just won’t disappear. In this case – when a food craving is bugging you for a few days in a row, it’s best to incorporate it into a normal meal.

A few rules apply though:

  • Be honest with yourself. If you can push it away, do it. You’re still on a diet – with a specific goal, remember?
  • If you decide to follow your food craving, portion control will be extremely important. If you know that what you’re craving is your trigger food (you always go overboard with it) try to avoid this situation.
  • Combine it with your diet champions like non-starchy vegetables.

How this tactic looks in practice


Use your regular plate and divide it into quarters.

1 - Unstarched vegetables

Best choices: leafy greens, carrots, celery, red beets, garlic, onions, green beans, bell peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, cruciferous vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli), artichokes, mushrooms

Portion: 2 fist-fulls or more if you're hungry.

2 - Whatever you desire

Portion: Fill only 1/4 of your plate with the desired food.

Examples: a burger, a slice of pizza, french fries, pasta...


Use a dessert serving bowl and divide it in quarters.

1 - Healthy dessert base

Best choices: low-fat ice cream, greek yogurt, mashed avocado with raw cocoa powder and sweetener, berries, protein cream, cottage cheese with protein powder

Portion: 1/2 of your bowl

2 - Whatever you desire

Portion: Fill only 1/4 of your plate with desired food.

Examples: ice cream, cake, cookies, milk chocolate...

Reduce your daily calorie intake

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*[Results may vary. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, which are important.]