Ian: "Where did my 5 stone go?"

45-year old Ian is one of those people who reached their new year resolutions before most even started working on them. He was 5 stone overweight, so he decided to change. He did a lot of sweating at the gym and steadily burned fat. He got some help from ...


"It's quite hard to get motivated to start losing weight actively. I considered the ingredients and the fact that I want to have everything under control, and came to a decision to speed my journey along with BootBurn ACTIVE XXL," says Ian.

BootBurn ACTIVE with XXL effect is a fat burner that contains 13 natural ingredients with intensive fat burning power. Aside from our star thermoburner L-carnitine it also contains guarana, vitamin B-complex, green and mate tea extracts and - papaya! 

Papaya for XXL fat burning and metabolism boosting

Papaya has well known thermogenic effect thanks to enzyme papain but it also helps with digestion of protein and fat, as well as having wonderful diuretic and antioxidant properties. If you're still not convinced, you might want to know it also boosts metabolism, which will help you burn calories and fat faster. 

Ian, who tested its double action, noticed that not only did he lose weight, he also burned loads of fat. "My body got its original shape without fat - my stomach muscles and hips are visible again!" says Ian, who also had to change his wardrobe.


Ian before using BootBurn ACTIVE with XXL effect. 

First results after 1 week!

"The only side effect I had was having to buy new clothes," he explains, laughing. He used the formula for 3 months"I noticed the first results after about a week, when I realised my weight had stopped fluctuating and started to slowly go down."

What's the trick?

BootBurn ACTIVE with XXL effect has been clinically proven to contribute to a 16% increase in burned fat during activity and 5-times faster weight loss. In addition, it also prevents fat reserves from forming even if you're not physically active. This is made possible by its thermogenic effect. It makes your body think it needs more energy and calories just for sitting down!

The effects of the fat burner are amazing – for the results Ian achieved with the fat burner in a 20-minute workout, he'd have to exercise for 100 minutes without it! He uses the extra time for more pleasant activities.

Not working out? XXL is for you too!

The fat burner that was developed in Swiss laboratories, comes highly recommended by Ian. He believes it's "perfect for anyone who wants to lose weight, burn fat in critical places and feel good again". He especially recommends it to those who have tried many diets and exercises but were ultimately let down by the results.

He also recommends it to anyone who isn't physically active - thanks to its ingredients it also burns fat during rest