The 10 kings of fibre

Food fibres are not only good for maintaining good digestion, but they are also very important during dieting. A fast and regular digestion is in fact the base for losing weight in a healthy and lasting way. The fibres also help to detox, lower cholesterol, maintain blood sugar levels at optimum levels and regulate the pressure. Here are 10 fibre-rich foods that you should not do without!



They are the real elixir of health, beauty and taste. Rich in fiber regulating digestion, they also have diuretic and anti-cellulite properties. They also contain a lot of vitamins (A, B, C, K and folic acid) and minerals (phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, zinc). In addition to this, raspberry also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Just eat them in a natural way to keep them from losing their beneficial properties.

Quince apples

Rich in fibre regulating digestion and glycemia, they are also highly purifying, ideal for detoxification. Being high in vitamins, especially C, are an excellent support to the immune system, especially in the cold season. How to consume them? Put in a juice or sweet jam as your grandmother did!


In addition to being rich in fibre, it also contains many Omega 3 fatty acids. Therefore, it monitors cholesterol and blood glucose, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and is also great for keeping your skin and hair youthful.


They are rich in fibre that helps to control cholesterol levels and blood glucose levels. Thanks to the beta-carotene content, they make the skin glow and protect it. They also strengthen the immune system and is a vegetable that all children love.


Surely you have already heard of its purifying properties with respect to the liver. But artichoke is also a fibre-rich food that favours digestion and slimming. Great as a diuretic to eliminate swollen belly and legs.


Dried fruits, such as almonds and nuts, are the ideal snack if you are on a diet. In addition to keeping cholesterol  and glucose low, it reduces hunger attacks. They are also rich in magnesium and potassium and are therefore good for the nervous system.


Of course they could not miss the list! Lentils, beans or chickpeas, you need to just choose. In addition to fibres with all their beneficial properties, they are also rich in vegetable protein and therefore are an excellent alternative for vegetarians and vegans.


Of course, the best ones are spelt and oats. You can have them for  breakfast in the form of flakes or prepare homemade bread or pasta. It is key to use the integral variant to keep all the beneficial properties of the fibres.


Healthy and rich in fibre, they are also an excellent regulator of digestion, especially in cases of constipation. They also contain many B group vitamins and folic acid. The only advice to keep in mind is not to exaggerate with quantity, as it is a hypercalorie food.


Slimmium PsylliSlim - refreshing drink with active fibres and blueberry flavor

It is a plant mix containing the psyllium seeds that stimulates digestion. Active and soluble fibres ensure that nutrients such as sugar (glucose) enter the blood stream, and at the same time regulate blood sugar. Fibres such as inulin feed the intestinal microflora and swell in the intestine, bind the harmful substances to themselves and push the contents of the intestine forward by regulating digestion. Slimmium PsylliSlim also contains the blueberry extract that facilitates nutrient absorption and gives a great flavor to the drink.


Slimmium PsylliSlim fibers:

  • improve the absorption of nutrients
  • help with the loss of pounds
  • contribute to faster digestion
  • increase satiety

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