Major fat-burning discovery: activate brown fat! 

Are you trying to become healthier and lose those extra kilos? If so, you are probably also among those who know that you need to cut loose some fat.  

But did you know that not all fat is created equal?  

Let’s take a closer look... 


[Pictured: Left - white fat cell, right - brown fat cell.]

Types of fat 

Simply put, there are two types of fat in our bodies.  

White fat is the fat that builds up when you take in extra calories and it is made of big droplets of lipids. Most of the fat in our body is white fat and it is primarily stored in the belly, hips and thighs. This is the fat we want to lose. 

Brown fat is the type of fat that burns energy and calories. As opposed to white fat, brown fat is comprised of mitochondria, which break down sugar and white fat to make energy. This is the fat we want to activate.  

Scientists used to think that brown fat is only found in newborns, helping them regulate their body temperature in the absence of body hair and shivering ability and that it disappears by adulthood. However, over a decade ago, research revealed that grown-ups can produce brown fat too. 

How does brown fat work?  

Brown fat contains a lot more mitochondria - a lot more ‘engines’ that burn calories to produce heat. Several studies have proven that exposure to cold increases the amount of brown fat and consequently increases the calories burnt.  

Can brown fat help you lose weight? 

By activating brown fat you are activating your built-in heater. Brown fat works as a natural thermo-burner. When you’re feeling cold and you shiver, you’re stimulating your brown fat to produce heat – this burns (white) fat.  

Sadly, adults only have very small amounts of brown fat in the neck, collarbone, kidneys and spinal cord, and the amount decreases with age too.  

What’s more, overweight people typically have less brown fat than lean people who do regular exercise.  

Luckily, brown fat can be stimulated in other ways as well! 

How to activate brown fat?  

In the future, it is possible that there will be new ways of harnessing brown fat in the fight against obesity, however, we are pleased to already offer an innovative weight-loss product that can help your body become the fat-burning machine it used to be. 

Enter: AdipoSlim EXTREME.  

Fight white fat with brown fat with the help of AdipoSlim EXTREME 

All of the main ingredients in this revolutionary fat burner can activate brown fat, meaning we can expend up to 500* extra calories a day, according to endocrinologist Dr. Med. Aaron Cypess.  

The great thing about its enhanced, 30% stronger formula, is that a clinical study with 30 overweight individuals in fact showed that after 12 weeks of using the supplement, all else being the same, they lost 3 kg on average, lowered their BMI (1.1. units on average) and reduced waist and hips circumference on average by  7.5 and 6 cm,* respectively. 

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website 

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