Enjoy the holidays and leave your weight worries to us!

December is definitely not the best time to lose weight. But what do we do to keep it under control during the winter holidays?


We all have the same thoughts on our minds during this period:

⦁ Should I do some sport? 'It's too cold!'
⦁ Lots of tasty Christmas goodies at all of those parties? 'Why not? The holidays come only once a year!'
⦁ Should I put that diet and fitness plan on hold because of the cold weather and short days? 'Yes, I will start losing weight in January!'

Nearly 60% of respondents in a study last year gained weight during the holidays.

Ok, we are not talking about too much extra weight... 7-9 pounds or 3-4 kg, but nutritionists warn that it would be hard to lose them!

According to researchers, if you consume an extra 500 calories a day for 2 weeks, you will gain an average of 7-9 pounds or 3-4 kg.

Do you think you would not consume an extra 500 calories? Bear in mind that a glass of fruit juice may contain as much as 150 calories!

How can you prevent weight gain during the holidays without too much effort?

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