Why drinking more is a must on a low-carb diet

This is not a hoax. You have to do this to make sure you stay healthy. Here’s why…


Drinking enough water (or unsweetened tea) is a must during any diet. But before we dig into the reason why, let’s check why this rule is even more important for “low-carb people”.

When eating a lot of carbs, we tend to hold on to more water. That’s because, for every 1 gram of carbs you store, you’ll store an average of 4 grams of water.

But when eliminating carbs from your diet, we flush excess water from our system pretty fast (meaning, we pee a loooot). That’s why we notice the fastest results on low-carb diets. The first portion of the lost weight is predominantly water.

However, even if we love how lean we suddenly look, we have a responsibility to drink more. And don’t worry. Drinking more won’t bring that lost water weight back. It will actually make sure that it doesn’t return!

Drinking enough water and making sure you're well-hydrated will contribute to:

  • better digestion
  • higher energy levels
  • younger-looking skin


  • slow lymphatic system and puffiness
  • reaching weight loss plateau


  • keto flu symptoms

How much you should drink and what else you can do

Water-soluble vitamins and minerals including potassium, sodium, magnesium and chloride leave your body when you pee (or sweat) a lot. So technically speaking, dehydration is not just about not drinking enough. It’s a result of both the loss of water and electrolytes that left our body with it.

Because of that, many nutritionists advise:

  • Drink at least 2 litres daily
  • Add up 1-3 glasses of water into the mix if you’re still thirsty
  • Add an electrolyte drink when feeling super thirsty
  • Increase the amount of salt used in recipes if you feel like water is still pouring through you

And now, in general: why staying hydrated is CRUCIAL when on a diet

There's a big chance that you've heard about the negative effect weight loss can have on our health. That's because during weight loss, toxins that were safely stored in our fat tissue, start to escape the fat when it starts to break down.

Toxins from the air, the water, processed foods and unhealthy habits that were resting in your fat stores can be overwhelming for your body when they start floating around your bloodstream.

Some research even says that in a case of too many toxins, the body can start protecting itself by creating new fat reserves so it can sweep some toxins away.

I → Fat stores protect the body by holding onto toxins

II → The body has nowhere to store toxins and your hunger hormones are switched on

III → The body goes into emergency fat production to protect itself. REBOUND!



A → Diet - A diet will remove fat and release toxins into the body

B → Rebound

C → Impurities

Drink water to cleanse your body and lose weight faster

You can help your body to push toxins out the body by eating quality foods with enough of fibre and drinking a lot of water.

That’s the most effective way of cleansing your body and an important part of any weight loss process.

I → Fat stores protect the body by holding onto toxins

II → Fat no longer required to hold toxins - fat stores are broken down much faster

III → Weight loss is easier and much quicker. NO REBOUND!

A → Cleanse - detox removes toxins

B → Maintenance

C → Impurities

Water supports your 2 cleansing organs – liver and kidneys. Enough water in your system will make it easier on the liver to pick up toxins from the bloodstream and convert them into water-soluble substances that can be excreted in the urine.

How to keep the water habit going?

If you want to ensure that you will drink enough water and that you don’t go too long without it - try these tips:  

    • Set a reminder every hour  
    • Keep a big water bottle or a jug on your desk at work  
    • Make sure you always carry at least a little bit of water with you 
    • Add lemon or mint to regular water to encourage drinking it 
    • Drink a tall glass of water first thing in the morning - it will help you wake up too! 
    • Keep a glass of water in the bathroom. When you wash your hands after peeing, drink a little bit of water too.

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