If you’ve got a new dress that you’ve been saving for a festive occasion, here’s a couple of tips on how to really make an impression when you wear it!


Include these steps into your daily routine for the next 15 days and be amazed at the results! Transform yourself and capture everyone’s attention at the holiday party!

1.Put your favourite dress in a spot where you can always see it

It’s important to visualise your goals! Place your new or favourite dress somewhere where you can always see it. That way, you’re sure to be motivated and stick to the other steps.

2. Water - essential for weight loss

Water is essential, not only for our body’s ability to perform basic life processes but also for weight loss. By providing enough fluids to our body, we can increase our ability to think, work and exercise more efficiently. It also helps eliminate toxins from the body and decreases appetite. When we’re not drinking enough water, our appetite and desire for food increases.

3. 8 hours of sleep

Staying up late has consequences! The body recognises lack of sleep as a crisis and clings on to stored fat - making it harder to lose weight. Go to bed a bit earlier and let your body have the 8 hours of rest it craves. And we don’t have to tell you how much better we all look when we’re well-rested!

4. Say goodbye to fat and calories with the help of BootBurn Intensive and Slimmium Capsules!

When it comes to weight loss, nothing is more important than creating a caloric deficit: burning more calories than we consume. Slimmium Caps block fat and sugar from the food we consume and also act as appetite inhibitors. And BootBurn Intensive will help your body burn fat like a champ!

Benefits of our special S.O.S. Bundle:

  • The patented ingredient ID-aLGTM effectively decreases the absorption of fat and sugar
  • Prevents the formation of fat deposits
  • Decreases the absorption of calories
  • Helps burn fat, even when you’re not physically active
  • Improves the metabolism

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