Why does a white bread roll have the same effect on our body as a donut?

Because our body considers it a simple sugar. To your body it’s just like a donut, or any other sugary thing - even though it may not feel like that as you dip it in your favourite sauce or spread cheese over it. That's why regularly eating white bread rolls or other white goods (like pasta, bread, rice, etc.) is not a good idea. So why does our body see the bread roll as dessert? Because it has no fibre.


Yes, we know, it's very difficult to say no to a soft, fragrant and fresh white roll. If you're used to the texture and the taste, you are hooked; anything whole-grain, brown or similar, doesn't even come close. Unfortunately, in tens of thousands of years of evolution, white bread rolls were introduced quite late in the game, and our bodies didn’t have sufficient time to adapt.

Our bodies need fibre

When it comes to carbohydrates (mostly in the form of bread, pasta, starchy foods, dumplings, gnocchi, sweet and salty pastries, …) our body is more familiar with anything that has whole grains and is therefore chewy and digested more slowly (whole-grains, unpeeled fruit and vegetables). Fibre is what gives these foods their texture.

Why do our bodies need fibre so much?

From an evolutionary point of view, our body had to adapt to using fibre simply because it was available in the form of edible grasses (which we later cultivated into all modern grains), fruits and other wild plants with a high fibre content that we ate alongside carbohydrates. Our gut flora adapted to them as well – our intestines are home to a myriad of microorganisms that happily coexist with us, as long as we provide them with their favourite food which is, you guessed it, fibre.

Fibre slows down the absorption of sugar

One advantage of fibre is that it helps us conserve an important source of fuel – sugar. It prevents our body from using it too quickly. In times when food wasn’t abundant, this was a welcome feature. Fibre helps to keep sugar and energy levels stable as well as keeping us full for longer.

Why is it good that the sugar doesn’t pass into the blood too quickly?

Sugar (or glucose) is the main fuel for all the cells in our body, but (as all things) in excess, it may be harmful. Our body prefers things to happen slowly. If there’s too much sugar in our blood, too quickly (if we eat simple carbohydrates with no fibre – everything “white” or non-refined, various sweets and snacks), our body will try to safely put it away: sugar gets quickly sent to cells. If we don’t use it up, it will, of course, get accumulated in the form of fat.

What is worse, this quick drop in blood sugar will soon trigger a major hunger attack. So you see, our body is truly not well adjusted to sweets, or white bread rolls for that matter.

Fibre boosts digestion and rid the body of harmful substances

We probably don’t need to explain why accelerated digestion is a good thing. The feeling of lightness that comes with regular digestion is amazing. Aside from accelerating digestion, fibre has the ability to bind harmful substances so they don’t hang around in the body. It also aids weight loss by: suppressing appetite, accelerating digestion and keeping the colon healthy.

We don’t ingest enough fibre, and we don’t like it either

That is a sad fact. We need to be realistic: most of us don’t have the time to plan our meals to include loads of fruit, vegetables and whole-grain products. Some people don’t even like that kind of food. So what can you do if you still want good digestion that will aid weight loss? You can take the best available fibre – the kind whose effects are confirmed by studies. Our PsylliSlim blueberry drink fits that description.

The best natural fibre for quick digestion

PsylliSlim contains 3 strong and effective ingredients that ensure regular elimination and serve as weight loss aids. The psyllium fibre (made from the husks of the Plantago ovata plant's seeds) accelerate the emptying of the intestine and elimination of toxins. Blueberry extract has beneficial effects on the stomach and intestine lining (mucosa) and supports digestive health. Chicory root with the water-soluble fibre inulin gives the feeling of satiety and fullness, while also serving as food for the good bacteria residing in our intestines. Because it stimulates bile secretion, it also helps to break down fat.

Is PsylliSlim the right choice for you?

If you agree with at least two of the below statements, we recommend PsylliSlim drink.

  • You feel that your digestion is slow.
  • You have a feeling of incomplete bowel emptying.
  • You’re not a fan of vegetables, fruit and whole-grain products, or you simple don’t have the time to eat them regularly.
  • As soon as you eat something, you have to undo a button on your pants.
  • You want to lose weight but don’t know where to start.
  • You want to prepare your body for weight loss and rid it of toxins.