Everything Is Better in Twos. Almost 3-times better

When embarking on a weight loss journey with someone, you may think that means double the trouble and double the temptation. But studies show that having a partner in crime may actually boost your chances of success. 


Dieting together makes shedding pounds much easier

Sarah Jackson, a psychologist from the University College London said that nearly 70% of couples who were going to the gym together were still going at least once a week. Even 2 years later! Compare that to 25% of those who exercised alone! Not only do you have a motivational coach, but you’re acting as one too. It’s a support system made of two people.

Another study, at University of Connecticut, tracked the weight loss progress of 130 couples over six months. They came to a surprising finding. When one person was losing weight, their spouse lost some too. Without even trying! They attribute this to the so-called “ripple effect”.

The ripple effect: one person changes their behaviour and it rubs off on people around them. They then join in counting calories, weighing themselves more often and eating lower-fat foods.

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